How to set custom login page for each domain

This article describes how to easily customize the login page for the Webmail interface for each domain using virtual hosts template mapping feature available in Axigen.


In order to have a custom login page for each domain defined you could simply make use of the Virtual Hosts Template Mapping feature implemented in Axigen.

The default login page settings and pictures are located under <Axigen's working direcory>/webmail/default

In order to create a different login page you should follow these steps:
 - First of all, in order to have a backup of the default login page, you should copy the entire "default" folder under the same path but with a different name, for example: "template".
 - Now the "default" and "template" folders contain the same pictures and you should begin modifying/replacing with your own logos and pictures the files from "template". For simplicity, you should leave the name of the files unchanged.
 - Next simply navigate via Webadmin -> Services -> Webmail -> Virtual Hosts Template Mapping area -> click on Add mapping.
 - Provide the virtual host name and the name of the folder containing the modified Webmail interface, in this case "template".

NOTE: You should always have a backup of the Webmail folder containing all the custom logos and pictures since these settings do not persist after an upgrade and you will have to repeat this procedure.
OS: LinuxWindowsFreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDSolaris
Releases: Axigen 6.2.x