Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability on Axigen for Windows (CVE-2024-28589)

A vulnerability has been discovered in Axigen Mail Server for Windows, affecting all versions up to 10.5.18, which allows for local privilege escalation.


Affected versions: Axigen 10.x up to 10.5.18; fixed starting with 10.5.19

Vulnerability type: Elevation Of Privilege

Impact: Code execution, Escalation of Privileges

Affected components: Service Initialization

Attack vectors: Local

Description: The Axigen Mail Server was found to be vulnerable to a local privilege escalation due to insecure DLL loading from a world-writable directory. During the service initiation of "Axigen Mail Server," which operates with SYSTEM privileges, it searches for a non-existent directory. An attacker with local access can create this directory and place a malicious DLL file in it. When the service starts, it attempts to load all DLL files in this directory, allowing the attacker's code to execute with SYSTEM privileges.

Axigen's Security Perspective

We view local privilege escalation vulnerabilities like this one as lower risk, focusing on broader security practices. For insights into our vulnerability assessment, see our blog post on security realms and threat categories.


Reported by: Alaa Kachouh and Ali Jammal  •  Deloitte Netherlands


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