Axigen – The Messaging Solution of Choice For Tashi InfoComm Ltd.


Tashi InfoComm Limited (TICL), also known as TashiCell, is Bhutan’s first private mobile company. Established in 2006, the company serves a registered base of over 60,000 customers, providing them with voice and SMS based services, as well as a wide range of value-added services such as CRBT, Push Mail, Email, Internet Browsing, and MMS, in various packages, to suit varied communication needs.


Overall performance and costs were the main criteria that TashiCell took into account when evaluating messaging platforms. They were looking for a high-performance, yet cost-effective solution that they could use internally, to provide email services to their employees, and externally, to further expand their offer to customers.


During the rigorous research and testing process that the company has gone through to find the mail server they needed, Axigen Service Provider on Linux emerged as the messaging solution of choice. A great decision, as time would also prove:


During the process, we found the Axigen mail server to meet our requirements in terms of features as well as price. And after using it for 2 years plus, we definitely feel it’s one of the best messaging solutions, having robust features, high scalability, interesting add-ons and great technical support.
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

Messaging Infrastructure

Tashi InfoComm Ltd uses 5 servers for messaging purposes: 2 servers as front-end servers, 2 servers as back-end servers and 1 SAN fiber storage, serving over 500 email accounts in total (out of which around 100 employees, and 200 active customers).


Axigen is the first messaging solution we’ve implemented in our company. We are currently using it as an independent service, but in the future we are planning to expand to other areas
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

Benefits of Choosing Axigen

True to their slogan, “Keep in touch!” TashiCell can now use Axigen to provide their employees and customer base with reliable email services, with access to the inbox regardless of time and location.

  • Services for end-users: Thanks to Axigen’s multiple email access options, TashiCells’ end-users can easily check and manage their inbox anywhere, anytime; from their favorite POP3 / IMAP desktop client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, MS Outlook), or by using any of the Axigen WebMail interfaces (Ajax / Standard or Mobile).

Other key decision factors in choosing the Axigen messaging solution against other alternatives included the Axigen mail server’s:

  • High performance – For a Service Provider, the performance of the messaging solution is crucial. To ensure an optimum level of service for end-users, Axigen's carrier-class mail server was specifically built to provide fast and secure communications by leveraging on advanced, proprietary architectures such as Axigen SmartProcessing™ (keeps email processing time to a minimum) and Axigen UltraStorage™ (ensures an effective space management and prevents service downtime or loss of data even at highest traffic peaks).

  • Linux compatibility – The fact that Axigen supports Linux, among many other platforms, was another major benefit for TashiCell. Using Linux significantly reduces costs associated with licensing, administration and hardware, while also offering benefits such as faster and more secure email services, featuring enhanced reliability and scalability.

  • Cost-effectiveness – The flexible licensing model of the Axigen solution allows TashiCell to easily adapt the messaging infrastructure to their growing business. In addition to the fully transparent initial investment (including the cost-effective perpetual license, with lifetime usage) and low operational costs, Axigen’s “Pay for what you use" policy will enable TashiCell to easily scale up when needed, with any number of mailboxes or premium features, as specifically required.

The cost is also reasonable, with easy upgrades and updates. The support for Linux contributes, of course to the low TCO, which can only make us pleased
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

  • Rich add-on features – Optimized time and tasks management facilitates increased productivity. The Personal Organizer add-on also purchased by TashiCell offers Web access to efficient tools such as calendar, tasks, notes and journal, as well as iCal access to events and tasks from compatible clients, enabling employees to stay better organized.

    Other premium features are also available for future purchase, including add-ons for wireless synchronization with mobile devices (Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry), groupware (sharing and collaboration, Outlook Connector) or extra security, just to name a few. Moreover, whether being included in services for employees, or in offers to customers, all Axigen’s add-on features can be activated differentially, according to the service level  (e.g. activate the Personal Organizer features only for the executives within the company; or only for Premium or Gold customers).

As a Service Provider, we attach great importance to regular email functions, as well as available add-ons that we can use to expand our offer to customers in the future.
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

  • AntiVirus and Antispam – Protection from email borne threats is essential for any business. Axigen offers peace of mind in this aspect, as it guarantees the secure reception, transit and delivery of email, enabling TashiCell to provide both their employees and users with fully transparent and secure email services.

    The standard Antivirus and AntiSpam protection includes using the ClamAV and SpamAssassin applications, but the Axigen mail server can virtually integrate with any available commercial security application. Extra security add-ons are also available for purchase.

Security is one of the strong points of the Axigen solution. We are currently using the standard filtering applications, ClamAV and SpamAssassin, and we can feel the difference.
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

  • Effortless administration – The smartly structured Web Administration interface of Axigen, including an advanced reporting module, allows TashiCell’s IT staff to easily manage and monitor server operations. Alternatively, more experienced system administrators can automate administrative and provisioning tasks by using the Command Line Interface.

    Axigen also features delegated administration, very useful for sysadmins looking to delegate administrative tasks to specific administrative users, with predetermined membership hierarchies and permissions for a specific domain / sub-domain or even for specific operations.

  • Great support services – Whether talking about sales / commercial assistance, technical support or any other type of inquiries, Axigen’s teams offer timely and professional assistance. All customers benefit from FIRsT Support (24x7 assistance via email, covering server installation, configuration, maintenance or troubleshooting) totally free of charge during the first year of use. Additionally, personalized technical support packs are available for purchase at anytime.

To conclude, Axigen is a very good solution for us. It is a solid, all in one solid SP solution,”
Puran Rai, IT Engineer at Tashi InfoComm Ltd.

About Gecad Technologies and Axigen

Established in 2001, Gecad Technologies SA, member of the GECAD Group and ISO 9001:2008 certified, is the vendor of Axigen, an integrated email, calendaring and collaboration platform, masterfully built on unique mail server technologies, for increased speed and security. Axigen ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. It is currently distributed internationally by over 250 partners from 100 countries and manages email traffic for more than 11,000 companies with 8 million end-users.

Axigen’s team of seasoned professionals, with 15 years of experience in messaging and IT security, delivers cutting-edge products, based on innovative and proprietary architectures such as Axigen GrowSecure™, Axigen SmartProcessing™ and Axigen UltraStorage™. For further details, please visit