Axigen and NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH Forge Strategic Distribution Partnership for the German Region

Bucharest, August 2023 - Axigen, a premium mail server software, and NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH, a renowned expert in infrastructure solutions, have joined forces to announce a Distribution Agreement for the German market. This partnership establishes NovaStar as the official distributor of Axigen’s flagship product.

The comprehensive distribution agreement encompasses the entire German region, bringing Axigen’s advanced email solutions within the reach of diverse clientele. In addition, NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH will extend First Level Support services to customers in the region, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Christian Ortner, Executive Manager of NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH, elaborated on the strategic alignment of this partnership, stating, “The demand for innovative messaging solutions remains consistently high, with a growing emphasis on versatile email solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud, in the coming years. Our network of resellers serves a wide spectrum of customers who seek tailored email infrastructure solutions, often outside the realm of large cloud providers. By integrating Axigen’s product suite into our portfolio, we are bridging a crucial gap in the market, enabling our resellers to deliver precisely customized infrastructure to their clients.”

Years of dedicated development have culminated in Axigen’s robust and feature-rich Axigen Mail Server Solution, capable of competing with established players in the mail solutions market. “Our core philosophy centers on simplifying the complexities of email infrastructure and seamlessly integrating it into daily operations”, explained Bogdan Moldovan, CEO of Axigen. “NovaStar’s extensive expertise in infrastructure solutions, paired with our cutting-edge Axigen Mail Server range, will catalyze the expansion of our offerings across the region. Together, we are poised to unlock an array of new sales and service avenues for our valued IT resellers.”

This collaboration between Axigen and NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH marks a significant step towards empowering businesses in Germany with state-of-the-art email solutions that align with their unique requirements. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and seamless user experiences.




About Axigen

Axigen is a premium mail server solution for ISPs, Telcos, and Hosting Providers that can cater to a wide variety of email hosting scenarios. The product includes features such as email synchronization, advanced security measures, and efficient administration tools.

Axigen is available in multiple editions, including the Service Provider Messaging edition for internet service providers and the Business Messaging edition for privacy-focused organizations. Additionally, Axigen provides a solution tailored to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that enables them to deliver reliable and customizable email services while maintaining control and scalability.


About NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH

NovaStar Software & Consulting GmbH is a software distributor specializing in innovative infrastructure solutions. With a wealth of expertise spanning multiple years, NovaStar excels in delivering tailor-made IT solutions that empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and embrace cutting-edge technologies. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, NovaStar combines deep industry insights with a client-centric approach to provide comprehensive services, including consulting, implementation, and support, making it a trusted enabler of business success in today’s dynamic digital landscape.


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