Axigen Becomes an AmCham Romania Member

Bucharest, June 2023 - Axigen, a pioneering provider of advanced email solutions, proudly announces its membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania), solidifying its commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and business growth in the region.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) is a significant business association that bridges economic relations between Romania and the United States. As a non-profit entity, it promotes trade, investment, and collaboration between the two countries.

AmCham Romania facilitates networking and cooperation among American and Romanian companies through events and sessions encouraging knowledge exchange and partnerships.

Advocating for favorable business conditions, AmCham Romania represents its members’ interests by engaging with government bodies and offering insights for policy enhancements.

“At Axigen, we are excited to become members of AmCham Romania. We are looking forward to taking an active role in the open dialogue between the business community and the central authorities, as enabled by AmCham Romania. At the same time, we want to promote digital transformation as an anchor for increasing Romania's digital sovereignty and competitiveness through innovation and leveraging local capabilities and resources”, says Bogdan Moldovan, Axigen CEO.

By providing valuable resources and research, AmCham Romania assists businesses in making informed decisions, navigating regulations, and identifying growth opportunities.

The organization collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies and educational institutions, to address common challenges and promote economic development.

AmCham Romania emphasizes corporate social responsibility, encouraging members to contribute to society through education, community development, and sustainability initiatives.

Through its role in fostering business relationships, AmCham Romania enhances diplomatic ties between the United States and Romania, promoting economic cooperation and cultural exchange.

Overall, AmCham Romania’s activities bolster Romania’s global integration, advocating for business-friendly policies, promoting international collaboration, and nurturing economic prosperity.

Axigen became a member of AmCham Romania in June 2023.




About Axigen

Axigen is a premium mail server solution for ISPs, Telcos, and Hosting Providers that can cater to a wide variety of email hosting scenarios. The product includes features such as email synchronization, advanced security measures, and efficient administration tools.

Axigen is available in multiple editions, including the Service Provider Messaging edition for internet service providers and the Business Messaging edition for privacy-focused organizations. Additionally, Axigen provides a solution tailored to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that enables them to deliver reliable and customizable email services while maintaining control and scalability.


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