Axigen Showcases Enhanced Security Solutions in Partnership with Bitdefender at CloudFest 2024

Bucharest, March 2024 – Axigen, a leader in professional messaging solutions, partnered with Bitdefender for a joint participation at at CloudFest 2024 to demonstrate the robust AntiMalware and AntiSpam capabilities integrated into their email solutions.

This collaboration drew considerable interest from the cloud technology and security sectors, emphasizing the strength of their combined security features.

"Axigen's partnership with Bitdefender at CloudFest 2024 underlines our dedication to enhancing email security and delivering a reliable, fortified messaging environment", remarked Bogdan Moldovan, CEO of Axigen. "This event allowed us to highlight our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions to our service provider clients."

The Axigen presence at CloudFest 2024 provided an ideal venue to showcase the latest trends and innovations, resonating with the company’s continuous improvement ethos in the rapidly evolving industry of cloud technology and security.

As the landscape of digital communications advances, Axigen continues to innovate, ensuring their solutions meet the sophisticated needs of ISPs, Telcos, and Hosting Providers worldwide.




About Axigen

Axigen is a premium mail server solution for ISPs, Telcos, and Hosting Providers that can cater to a wide variety of email hosting scenarios. The product includes features such as email synchronization, advanced security measures, and efficient administration tools.

Axigen is available in multiple editions, including the Service Provider Messaging edition for internet service providers and the Business Messaging edition for privacy-focused organizations. Additionally, Axigen provides a solution tailored to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that enables them to deliver reliable and customizable email services while maintaining control and scalability.


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