AXIGEN 2.0 now available with internationalization, Back-up / Restore, and others

Category: Product Releases
Published on November 20, 2006

AXIGEN 2.0 offers you a great set of new features: localized and skinable WebMail, reporting engine for more than 100 reports that you can define, wizard for creating email delivery rules and many more!

New Features/Changes

- WebMail: Redesigned WebMail interface with added login domain selection and support for creating multiple login screens.

- WebMail: Support for localization

- WebMail: The WebMail interface is now available in three different languages, English, German and Romanian.

- WebMail: Three new skins are now available for AXIGEN WebMail users

- WebMail: A Preview Pane that displays messages contents in a pane below the message list has been added.

- WebMail: A local Address Book has been added, allowing manual or automatic contact addition.

- WebMail: Added autosuggest support for adding recipients to composed e-mails (for all existing Address Book contacts).

- WebMail: Message rules can now be created using the WebMail

Interface Wizard, making rules creation much easier for the users

- WebMail: Vacation/out-of-office responses and other auto-replies can also be defined by individual users using their web interface Wizard

- WebMail: Search function now supports internationalized searches, allowing special character usage (e.g. diacritics)

- IMAP: Search function now supports internationalized searches, allowing special character usage (e.g. diacritics)

- Reporting: Added support for defining and customizing policies for all monitored parameters

- Reporting: Added support for over 100 graphics based on the data collected by the Reporting service.

- Domain: Added support for Public Folders, available from the IMAP and the WebMail services, which allow users to easily access public messages.

- Domain: Added support for associating a public folder with a specific e-mail address, allowing messages to be sent directly to the respective public folders.

- Backup/Restore: New module for backup and restore, accessible via a proprietary internal FTP server; its usage includes online backup and partial or total restore actions.

- Security: Improved connectivity with Antivirus/Antispam applications, available directly (ClamAV, SpamAssassin), through the integration with Amavis or the AXI Milter module;

- SMTP: Secure and highly configurable traffic policies can be defined at SMTP level using Message Acceptance Rules, Processing Policies and Relay policies.