AXIGEN Releases New 6.1 Commercial Version with Mobile Messaging Functionalities

Category: Product Releases
Published on May 20, 2008

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

After a successful beta testing campaign, we are happy to announce you the commercial release of the AXIGEN Mail Server version 6.1.

Here is a glimpse of the features newly-made available by AXIGEN v6.1:
1. Mobile WebMail Interface – enables users to access their email accounts from mobile phones with Internet access.
2. Country Filtering – an IP-based detection system enabling system administrators to allow or ban email senders from specific geographical locations.
3. WebMail Proxy service – completes the SMTP/IMAP/POP3 series of proxies available in the AXIGEN Service Provider Edition by allowing connection proxying from the front-end layer to the back-end layer in a clustered environment.

For details on all the fresh features and enhancements introduced by AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1, please see the list below.

Please notice that starting with the release of the AXIGEN Mail Server v6.1, we will provide technical support services only to the users of the latest 2 major AXIGEN versions: v5 and v6.

For upgrade information, renewals and any other additional details, please feel free to contact our Sales team at:

Best Regards,

1. New features
WebMail Proxy
- The new proxy service serves only WebMail public pages and resources.
- Optionally, users can be authenticated on the proxy.
- Routes authenticated requests to the appropriate back-end server.
- Has a similar configuration with the POP3/IMAP Proxy.
- If enabled, it will instruct WebMail to detect the used browser; if a mobile browser is detected, WebMail will then serve xHTML pages.
Country Filtering
- The Country Filtering feature can be activated on the SMTP Receiving service.
- The administrator can update the Country Filtering database through WebAdmin (CSV Maxmind format must be used).
- GeoIP rules can be specified directly in the SMTP filters script file or using the WebAdmin wizard.

2. Enhancements
- Routing settings now support more configuration scenarios.
- Interoperability with some antivirus programs has been improved.
- IMAP: Execution time is logged for IMAP commands.
- WEBMAIL: The Quicksearch command now also searches in CC, text/* and attachments name.

3. Bugfixes from the previous version
- SMTPIN: The 'sentMessagesCount' behavior was corrected.
- DOMAINS: Account classes were not persistent between restarts.
- SEARCH: The server sometimes crashed due to a synchronization issue.
- WEBMAIL: The UTF search was fixed.
- WEBMAIL: Internationalization support was added for some auto-generated calendar emails.
- WEBMAIL: The Free/Busy status was not shown for short events when in the “month” view.
- WEBMAIL: The < > characters are displayed as entity name() when copying/moving a received message to Drafts.
- WEBMAIL: Contacts were not deleted from the PublicAddressBook when using the menu’s “Delete“ option.
- WEBMAIL: The contextual menu worked on the current folder instead of the selected folder.
- WEBMAIL: The currently selected folder was not highlighted when closing the contextual menu for another folder.
- WEBMAIL: HTML code is now removed form the address book.
- WEBMAIL: Links without “http” in the received emails can now be accessed.
- WEBMAIL: The contacts could not be loaded if a contact name contained HTML code.
- WEBMAIL: Contacts whose first name ended with double quotes caused the WebMail interface to crash.
- WEBMAIL: The password field was not required when defining a RPOP connection.
- FILTERS: The server crashed when dealing with group members having SIEVE filters modifying headers.
- FILTERS: The internal forwarder filter used to overwrite the destination mailbox.
- FILTERS: The domain appender was appended twice to the email body when the message was sent to a group.
- FILTERS: The domain appender text is now inserted in the text/html parts of the email.
- FILTERS: The message appender was not appended in auto-generated responders.
- FILTERS: The domain appender filter is now applied before dksigner.
- IMAP: AXIGEN crashed when the Outlook connector sorted emails by attachment.
- IMAP: Incorrect modifications to message flags were fixed.
- IMAP: The Delete command now returns NO for mailboxes with the \NoSelect flag.
- WEBADMIN: The domain name could not be added in the "Domain specific configuration".
- WEBADMIN: When creating a domain message filter WebAdmin returned an error but the filter was still created.
- WEBADMIN: The asterisk in the Antispam white list disappeared after logout/login.
- MILTER: More than one MILTER filter can now be applied to email messages.
- MILTER: Modifications and responses are now logged for filters.
- SENDMAIL: The -r switch was added for compatibility with Nail.
- PROCESSING: Emails remained in queue.
- MIGRATION: Emails internal date was sometimes altered after a migration.
- GENERAL: Using commas is now allowed when setting the administrator’s password.