AXIGEN 7.1.2 Brings Your Emails to Your BlackBerry

Category: Product Releases
Published on May 26, 2009

We are happy to announce that we have just released the commercial version of AXIGEN Mail Server 7.1.2. The new release facilitates improved communication and collaboration for organizations of all sizes by now bringing AXIGEN’s mobile email and groupware functionalities to BlackBerry® smart phones. It also comes with a set of usability enhancements related to the WebMail and Outlook Connector.

- BlackBerry® support (via the NotifySync™ client): AXIGEN v7.1.2 provides business travelers with over-the-air synchronization of email messages, contact data, calendar entries and tasks lists to and from their BlackBerry® smart phones. The newly-introduced BlackBerry® support feature is available as an add-on for all the AXIGEN product editions.
- Arabic Localization for the WebMail Interface: as a result of our ongoing localization, AXIGEN 7.1.2 now adds Arabic to the list of supported languages for the WebMail interface. For more details on the changes brought by version 7.1.2 of our messaging solution, please see the list below.

How to evaluate / upgrade: as always, you can begin the upgrade to the new 7.1.2 release of AXIGEN Mail Server and Outlook Connector by simply visiting the Downloads Area on our website and selecting the desired product kits.

However, please notice that the freshly-introduced BlackBerry® Support add-on is not available as an evaluation version on our website. For details on how you can test or purchase this specific add-on, please contact us.

Also, please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major AXIGEN version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 7.x and 6.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

Should you like more information on our Axigen Mail Server 7.1.2 release, about the evaluation and purchasing options available for our new BlackBerry® Support (via the NotifySync™ client) add-on, or should you be interested in other license upgrades or renewals, please contact our sales team at:

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New Features
ActiveSync®: BlackBerry® Support available via the NotifySync™ client.
Outlook Connector: Pressing the 'Send\Receive' button now triggers a synchronization operation with the server.

WebMail: Arabic localization for the WebMail interface.
Outlook Connector: Public folders are no longer cached by default (this option can be modified manually by operating in the 'Synchronization' tab of each public folder).

Bugfixes from the Previous Version
Outlook Connector: The Outlook Connector (cached) no longer hangs when fetching certain messages.
Outlook Connector: Non-ASCII attachment names are now preserved at email sending.