Axigen Mail Server 4.0.2, Now with a Number of New Features and Enhancements

Category: Product Releases
Published on August 21, 2007

Axigen Mail Server v4.0.2 comes with a set of new features enabling an improved storage upgrade, ease of clustering setup and many others.

New Features

- CORE: New command, available on CLI, used to upgrade all existing storage
objects to the latest version.
- CORE: New command, available on CLI, used to recover lost or partially lost
- SMTP: New variable available in the 'onMailFrom' context of SMFL.
For now, this newly-added variable, named 'RFCBreak', can be set to 'nofolding'
in order to disable the folding of header lines longer than 78 characters.
- SMTP: 'currentRcptRelayHost' variable can be set to "" to override userdb
decision of routing a message using a specific relay host.


- STORAGE: Improved error recovery algorithm when there is no more space
available on disk.
- PROXY: IMAP proxy can be used with any IMAP RFC compliant server in backend.

Bugfixes from previous version

- SMTP: Disabled SMTP outgoing at domain or account level was not effective.
- RPOP: Large retrieved e-mails were corrupted because of wrong read timeout handling.
- SMTP: Server crashed when relaying e-mails over a SSL connection.
- FTP-BACKUP: Very long paths used with CWD command made the server hang.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed cyrillic characters displaying in filters context.
- IMAP: Users could not login due to an erroneous subscribed folders configuration.

All our users can now benefit from the latest Axigen Mail Server features and enhancements with a simple upgrade to v4.0.2. Please contact the Axigen Technical Support for more information, at the following address:

Best regards,
Axigen Technical Support Team