AXIGEN Mail Server 6.2.2 Is Now Available

Category: Product Releases
Published on January 21, 2009

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are proud to announce that we have just released the commercial version of AXIGEN Mail Server 6.2.2. The newly-available AXIGEN version introduces AVG's AntiVirus and AntiSpam protection for Linux and FreeBSD email servers, as well as a fresh set of features and enhancements mainly pertaining to the WebMAIL and CLI services, aimed at bringing increased server functionality and stability, and offering improved security and control for both system administrators and end-users of AXIGEN.

For details on all the new features and enhancements introduced by AXIGEN 6.2.2, please see the list below.

In order to install AXIGEN v6.2.2 release, simply visit the Downloads area on our website and select the desired product kit:

To try out the AVG Email Server Edition for Linux/FreeBSD add-on for AXIGEN and get a hands-on experience of its advanced antivirus and antispam capabilities, please follow these steps:
* Fill in and submit the AVG registration form available at:
* Once you are registered you will be directed to the trial version download
* You will also receive an e-mail with your personal trial license number which needs to be entered during the trial version installation
* Your trial license number will be required when contacting AVG Technical Support, so keep the email safe.

Please note that according to our technical support policy, only the current major version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 6.x and 5.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

Should you like to switch to a different AXIGEN Mail Server edition, find out more about the AVG Email Server Edition for Linux/FreeBSD, or should you be interested in other type of license upgrades or renewals, including please feel free to contact our sales team at the following email address:

Best regards,

1. New features & enhancements

- New commands are now available in the domain context. 'SynchronizeDomainContacts' reinitializes the contacts kept in 'Public Folder\Domain Contacts'. 'FindInvalidMsg' scans the storage for corrupted messages and optionally removes them.
- A new test is now available in SIEVE. It is named 'bodysearchwords' and acts in the same manner as the action 'bodyreplacewords', except that it only tests if the words are present in the message, without taking any other action.
- Starting with v6.2.2, the option "Include this domain's accounts in the public address book" is available. It is possible to control which users can view domain contacts from the Postmaster account for servers which have the Groupware add-on.
- An improvement has been made in displaying long headers in the mail preview panel.
- Attachments with "Content-Type: application/" are now seen by the WebMail interface.
- You can now migrate from IMAP servers that do not support multiple literals in same command.

2. Bugfixes from the previous version

- The sorting of mails that have mixed UTF-8 encoded and ASCII headers is no longer performed rawly without decoding.
- In certain situations, services' threads took too much time to close connections, making the respective services unusable for short periods of time.
- A large storage contained by the administration ACL could make the server crash when registering domains.
- On FreeBSD 7.0, the GSSAPI authentication mechanism was unavailable.
- Under heavy stress, the TCP services did not close the connections correctly, making the server to be unable to stop.
- Memory leaks are now fixed.
- 'Send/Receive Restrictions exceptions' handling has been fixed for specific conditions.
- The option to hide domain's objects contact information from Address Book is now available from CLI/Webadmin.
- Renaming the public folder no longer renders Domain Contacts unavailable in certain contexts.
- On FreeBSD, the server no longer crashes when modifying SMTP greeting message.
- 'Reject message if the originating IP has no reverse DNS entry' also works on the MailFrom event.
- Relay hosts were received as mutiplied strings and can now be resolved by the delivery module.
- The saving of internal mail dates with negative timezones is now fixed.
- The server sometimes hanged when stopping if IMAP search commands were still pending.
- Chinese content from specific mails is now shown correctly.
- Contacts with international characters are no longer displayed as quoted-printable in contacts list.
- Messages that sometimes were not saved via WebMail in the Sent folder are now saved.
- For some messages the WebMail interface did not preserve the original message body when performing Forward/Reply actions.
- RPOP now retrieves messages and no longer returns 'authentication failed' on timeouts.
- Authentication against OpenLDAP can now create userdb sessions.
- Auto-migration no longer fails if mbox quotas are set on Domain Admin Limits.
- Computing connection limits on Service/Listener has been fixed, thus new connections will no longer be erroneously rejected in certain conditions.
- Commtouch headers are no longer added after each retry.
- Commtouch afsl now treats 'Suspect' spam level.
- The 'Automatic forward' user filter now encodes mails as attachments properly.
- Incompletely delivered mails sent to a large number of recipients sometimes made the server crash after restart.

Note: Platform and application support changes

Important notice: Starting with the next AXIGEN version (7.0), the support for the Linux distributions having their toolchain based on (gcc version