AXIGEN Mail Server 7.1, Now with Extended Groupware and Sharing Capabilities

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Published on April 14, 2009

Dear AXIGEN friend,

We are happy to announce the release of a new commercial version of our messaging solution, AXIGEN Mail Server 7.1. This fresh release takes business communication and collaboration up a notch by bringing new and exciting groupware and sharing features, on an even wider range of email and calendaring clients.

- The support for iCal (Webcal) enables the porting of AXIGEN’s groupware and sharing functionalities on email and calendaring clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple iCal or Korganizer.
- Adding to its existing high-end Push Email and PIM Synchronization capabilities, 7.1 also features a faster and improved Outlook Connector that supports working in offline mode. This enables users to access their messages, contacts or calendars from MS Outlook regardless if having an Internet connection or not.

To get a full description of all the new features and enhancements introduced by version 7.1 of the AXIGEN Mail Server and Outlook Connector, please see the list below.

In order to download and install the new 7.1 release, simply visit the Downloads Area on our website and select the desired product kit. Upgrading to the latest Outlook Connector version is also required, in order to ensure a full compatibility with the new server and enable you to continue to benefit from AXIGEN’s Outlook-based groupware features.

Important notice! Starting with 7.1, AXIGEN is available on the Windows Server 2008 platform, while the support for Windows XP is discontinued, following Microsoft’s decision to no longer support this operating system. If you're currently using a Windows XP–based system, please switch to one of the AXIGEN supported software platforms listed here and then proceed with the upgrade to version 7.1 of the AXIGEN Mail Server, respectively Outlook Connector.

Also, please note that according to our technical support policy only the current major version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 7.x and 6.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

Should you like to learn more about our new 7.1 release, or should you be interested in other type of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to contact our sales team at the following email

Best Regards,

New features
- iCal/ICS over the HTTP protocol is available
-- A user can access his/her own calendar at a specific HTTP URL if he/she is authenticated (URL: /ical/folder/.ics).
-- A user can access other users' calendars at a specific HTTP URL if he/she is authenticated and has the necessary permissions to access them (URL: /ical/~/main.ics).
-- The same level of access is also allowed for viewing Tasks folders (URL: /ical/~/folder/.ics).
-- The Free/Busy status can also be queried over HTTP (URL: /ical/~/freebusy.ifb). The permissions to see the Free/Busy status are verified.
-- Calendar or Tasks public folders can be accessed (URL: /ical/pf/.ics).
- iCal/ICS over HTTP is interoperable with the following clients: Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning, Apple iCal, Outlook 2003 (as 'Internet Free/Busy' functionality), Mozilla Sunbird and KOrganizer.
Outlook Connector
- Two operation modes are available; selectable at profile creation:
-- Full online mode - comprising all the functionalities of Outlook Connector v7.0.
-- Online cached mode - when a local cached copy of the mailbox is created.
- The are four predefinable levels of synchronization for the cached mode:
-- No message parts - nothing is automatically synchronized.
-- Only headers - only the headers are automatically synchronized.
-- Headers plus body - the headers and the email body are automatically synchronized.
-- Entire email - the entire email message is automatically synchronized.
- Work Online/Offline capabilities for the cached operation mode.
- Per folder definable level of synchronization for cached operations - exceptions to the general profile settings.
- Compact folder functionality - it reverts to the profile defined level of synchronization.
- Information regarding the size of email folders is available in the 'Properties' section per folders.
- Support for the 'Read Receipts' functionality.

- SIEVE Unicode string comparisons work for any header / folder name (full UTF-8 support).
- All the files that need to be uploaded via the CLI/WebAdmin interfaces need the 'manageServerConfig' permission level.
- The 'Notes' field of a contact can have a 4KB length.
- The default level for the 'HTML Body Filtering level' is set to 'Low' instead of 'None'.
- VCard MIME messages are compatible with standard IMAP email clients.
- The photo detail is synchronized between mobile ActiveSync® clients and the AXIGEN Outlook Connector.
Outlook Connector
- Sending emails is properly done using Outbox - the SMTP connection to the server is no longer required for the connector.
- Improved operation speed for Outlook Connector (search, sort etc.).
- Improved access time when working with public folders.

Bugfixes from the previous version
- All folder names are now displayed in UTF-8.
- The 'AXIGEN to LDAP' configuration does not synchronize data when only the password field is updated from WebMail.
- Accessing a mailing list's contents via WebMail used to crash the server.
- Fixed the internal HTML generator in order to prevent encoded XSS JavaScript injections.
- Saving attached files using WebMail from the Internet Explorer browser no longer replaces spaces with '+'.
- The display of certain international characters in Internet Explorer has been fixed.
- The creation of the 'Out of office' filter for certain languages and start/end dates has been fixed.
- Appending or prepending subject actions from a SIEVE filter now works correctly on an encoded header.
- The server no longer crashes when certain calendar items are synchronized.
Outlook Connector
- No more whitespaces for long encoded headers and attachment names.

Changes regarding the supported software platforms
We have added support for the following platforms:
- Windows Server 2008
- Debian 5.0

The support has been discontinued for the following operating system:
- Windows XP Professional