AXIGEN Releases New 4.0 Version with Personal Organizer

Category: Product Releases
Published on June 11, 2007

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce you that we have released the new 4.0 commercial version of the AXIGEN Mail Server. The new version comes with the Personal Organizer module and the AXIGEN Outlook Connector which are available for the ISP and Business Editions only. The rest of the features and enhancements are available in all product editions.

Important! When upgrading from version 4.0. Beta to the commercial version 4.0, please make sure that you delete the Outlook profile created for the AXIGEN Outlook Connector and then redefine it when the upgrade is completed.
Also, the AXIGEN Filtering Module and the AXIGEN Signing Module are now included in the product kit.

For further details on the feature range offered by the v4.0 product, please see the lists below:

1. New Features

- CORE/MAPI: First version of the Axigen Outlook Connector is released and implements most Exchange-like features, including server-side Search Folders (such as Unread messages, or Large Messages) which enables users to easily locate messages based on various filters.
- Personal Organizer: Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes and
collaborative support are now available from both WebMail and the email client through the Axigen Outlook Connector.
- IMAP: New commands are added to support Axigen Outlook Connector.
- CLI: The Limits context has been added for mail lists.

2. Enhancements

- STORAGE: Free space usage algorithms were introduced in order to increase speed when processing emails.
- DOMAINS: Default value for domain objects "imapConnectionCount" limit was changed from 8 to 16 and its maximum value was changed from 16 to 255.
- POP3: New error message at login when maximum number of connections is reached.
- SMTP: Improved logging for Message Acceptance Policies.
- WM: Improved error messages in WebMail.
- WM: Cache system is improved to speed-up the "Grouping" and "Threading" functionalities.
- CLI: Adding multi-line signatures for accounts is now supported.

3. Bugfixes from previous version

- DNR: Priority of name servers configured for DNR was not used.
- CORE: UserMaps are now reloaded at run-time.
- CORE: In rare conditions the server crashed if RPOP service was running and TERM/HUP signals were sent.
- CORE: Fixed the improper use of string comparison functions which caused incorrect results in administration services.
- CONFIGURATION: Fixed invalid configuration file which could cause server crashes.
- SMTP: Fixed situation when relaying on the local interface was not allowed.
- SMTP: Folded "Received" headers were not counted for "maxReceivedHeaders' attribute.
- SMTP: Fixed issued when using RSET command between two MAIL+RCPT pairs resulted in a "Relay disabled" NDR.
- SMTP: Fixed instanced when the default routing rule was not used.
- SMTP: Fixed loss of "remoteSmtpIp" and "remoteSmtpPort" values on SSL SMTP sockets.
- SMTP: Emails received and kept in queue due to SMTP communication errors during the domain auto-migration process were never delivered to newly migrated users.
- WM: Fixed out-of-office emails creation.
- WM: Fixed issues related to the "Hide Deleted" functionality.
- WA: Fixed incorrect proxy module names used for log rules.
- WA: Filters can now be configured at domain and user level.
- WA: Sometimes a cancel operation returned "bad request" in IE6.
- POP3: Fixed wrong count of deleted emails sent to the Reporting module.
- DOMAINS: Plus character "+" cannot be used in domain objects anymore because it is a special character used by SMTP and POP3 for folder selection.
- REPORTING: Fixed rare situations when the server crashed at graphics display.
- FTPBackup: Fixed restore issues for a domain’s Public contacts.
- FTPBackup: Messages’ properties used by the AXIGEN Outlook Connector are now included in the backup/restore tree.
- PROXY: Fixed incorrect usage of default domain at login.
- PROXY: Fixed impossibility to establish SSL connections with back-end servers.
- PROXY: SSL connections established by proxies to back-end servers were not correctly closed.
- IMAP: Search in emails’ subject returned invalid results.
- CALENDAR: Many bug fixes regarding interoperability between the WebMail interface and the Axigen Outlook Connector.
- SEARCH: Fixed instances of advanced search queries that lead to server crashes.
- RPOP: SSL connections established by the RPOP service were not correctly closed.