AXIGEN Releases New 4.0.1 Version of its Messaging Solution

Category: Product Releases
Published on July 11, 2007

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce you that we have released the new 4.0.1 commercial version of the AXIGEN Mail Server. The new version comes with new automation tools and with two new languages, Greek and Persian, for the WebMail Interface.

For further details on the feature range offered by the v4.0.1 product, please see the lists below:

1. New Automation Tools

- FTP Backup Tool - shell script that simplifies the backup procedure for the Axigen Mail Server. Its purpose is to help system administrators make full or incremental backups of the Axigen storage. It makes use of the FTP-Backup service to save and restore information.
- Log Parser - tool meant to help system administrators and support engineers identify and isolate errors in either a "default.txt" log file or in a maillog. It can scan a log file for any known (handled) errors and save the sessions separately, it can break down the log into sections based on the service type and can save all the sessions matching a given pattern.
To download the new tools, click here.

2. Enhancements

- WM: The WebMail Interface is now available in 15 languages - Persian, Greek, English, Romanian, Norwegian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech and Polish.

3. Bugfixes from previous version

- CORE: Fixed a dead-lock found in the synchronization algorithm used by search folders.
- CORE: Fixed storage upgrades from previous versions. Lost e-mail folders caused by 4.0.0 upgrade are now recovered.
- FTP-BACKUP: Occurrences where restoring very large .bin files in the FTP tree made the server hang are fixed.
- FTP-BACKUP: Empty 'property.bin' files can now be restored.
- SMTP: Checking for local net interfaces made the server crash on some systems which use server virtualization solutions.
- STORAGE: Occurrences when simultaneous transactional and non-transactional access on a storage object left parts of the storage in an inconsistent state until the next restart. This also fixes the 'COPY Failed' error reported by IMAP.
- STORAGE: It now uses a more fault tolerant algorithm when choosing containers for new messages.