AXIGEN Releases New 7.0 Commercial Version with Advanced Messaging Features

Category: Product Releases
Published on March 23, 2009

Dear AXIGEN friend,

Following a successful beta testing campaign, we are happy to announce that AXIGEN Mail Server 7.0 is now available as a commercial version. The new release brings advanced messaging features designed to provide businesses of all sizes with increased productivity and efficiency:

- Push Email & PIM Synchronization add-on (via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®) – provides business travelers with instant access to relevant data such as messages, contacts or tasks, enabling them to increase productivity and efficiency.

- The LDAP & Active Directory synchronization makes it easier for service providers to centrally manage and retrieve customer accounts settings and perform operations such as adding new services, deploying centralized security policies etc. For enterprises, the Active Directory Management Console integration provides increased manageability of domain accounts and control over group membership, reducing time and costs associated with administrative operations.

For the complete list of fresh features and enhancements brought by AXIGEN v7.0, please see the list below.

In order to test the AXIGEN Mail Server 7.0 release, please visit the Downloads Area on our website and select the desired AXIGEN product kit. You will be redirected to a registration form. If you wish to also test the Push Email functionality, please make sure to follow these steps:
- Complete ALL the fields of the registration form
- Check the "I want to test Push Email and PIM Synchronization" option
- Press the "Submit & download" button.
- As a result, you will have access to both the AXIGEN 7.0 product kit and the trial for the Push Email & PIM Synchronization add-on.

Please note that according to our technical support policy only the current major version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 7.x and 6.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

Should you like to switch to a different AXIGEN Mail Server edition or should you be interested in other type of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to contact our sales team at the following email address:

Best Regards,

1. New features
Built-in support for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®
- ActiveSync® mobile clients can synchronize their e-mails, contacts and Personal Organizer with AXIGEN Mail Server.
- The Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® support for mobile devices is available as an add-on for AXIGEN ("Push Email & PIM Synchronization add-on")
- The 'Out of Office' auto-responder shared between WebMail and ActiveSync can be activated always, or just for a specific time interval; the responder can be applied to internal and/or to external users.
- The 'filteringThreads' configurable parameter has been added to control the number of threads handling message filtering.
- When creating a new user, its associated 'Sent', 'Drafts' and 'Trash' folders are also created.
- Accounts and groups in a domain can be synchronized with associated LDAP entries; for an account, the following items are synchronized with LDAP: its
contact information and its quotas and restrictions; for a group, the items synchronized with LDAP are its members.
- Synchronization is supported for OpenLDAP and ActiveDirectory servers through their LDAP-based synchronization protocol using LDAP cookies (RFC 4533).
- Synchronization can be done in the following ways:
-- from AXIGEN to LDAP: changes on a AXIGEN object (account/group) are propagated upon the associated LDAP entry.
-- from LDAP to AXIGEN: changes on a LDAP entry are propagated upon a corresponding AXIGEN object (account/group).
-- both ways: changes in one part (LDAP or AXIGEN) are propagated upon the corresponding object in the other part.
- Synchronization supports configurable merging operations between changed values and is performed through the already existing LDAP connectors in AXIGEN, which were extended to support additional capabilities (Account/Group base DN, AXIGEN schema for LDAP)
- An extension is available for Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, allowing system administrators to configure AXIGEN accounts and groups' properties.

2. Enhancements
Memory management module
- The maximum virtual memory size (in MB) can be specified in the command line with the '-m/--ulimit-v' option, or in the environment with the
'AXI_MEM_LIMIT' variable. The minimum value is 0 and the maximum value is 4095. The default value is 0 which means it uses the VMSIZE specified by the
'ulimit' command.
- When the server starts, it can reserve some memory which will be used in critical conditions. The amount of memory reserved can be specified in the command
line with the '--mem-reserve' option. The value is in MB, the minimum is 0, the maximum is 1024 and the default is 200.

3. Bugfixes from the previous version
- The WebMail Proxy service sometimes did not close the connection with the client.
- In certain conditions the WebMail Proxy service entered into an infinite loop.
- In certain conditions the explanation given by a remote SMTP server in case of errors was not included in the NDR (Non Delivery Report) generated by AXIGEN.
- If the remote SMTP servers rejects the connection and gives the explanation on multiple lines, AXIGEN now includes the entire explanation in the generated NDR.
- Attachments with international characters are now correctly saved from IE.
- The new email notification pop-up did not close automatically on IE.
- The usage of fonts in the HTML Composer window has been fixed.
- Replying to a particular mail no longer causes the WEBMAIL JS script to stop responding.
- If an advanced search is performed in the Public Folder root, the server no longer hangs when stopping.
- Trial and domain appenders used to break a message if it only contained a message/RFC822 attachment.
- Some emails containing RFC non-compliant MIME were not properly displayed by WebMail and AXIGEN Outlook Connector.
- An admin-user with domain configuration/account/filters rights can now modify user filters.
- Account message rules could be created by a delegated administrator even if he/she did not have a 'manageDomainFilters' permission.
- Certain synchronization commands made the server crash.
- Duration of meeting invitations is now correctly computed.
- iPhone's Mail Application no longer crashes because of AXIGEN's responses.
- Contact's photo from device is no longer lost when the contact is updated on WebMail or Outlook Connector.

Note: Platform and application support changes
Added support for the following distributions:
- Fedora 10
- OpenSUSE 10.3
- OpenSUSE 11.1
- Gentoo 2008.0
- Ubuntu Server 8.10
- Mandriva 2009.0
- Slackware 12.2
- OpenBSD 4.4

Removed support for the following distributions:
- RedHat Enterprise Linux 3
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
- Novell Open Enterprise Server 1
- Fedora 8
- OpenSUSE 10.2
- Gentoo 2006.1
- Ubuntu Server 7.04
- Mandriva 2007.1
- Slackware 11.0
- Slackware 12.0
- Slackware 12.1
- OpenBSD 4.2