AXIGEN Releases Version 5.0.3 of its messaging solution

Category: Product Releases
Published on March 17, 2008

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce the commercial release of version 5.0.3 of the AXIGEN Mail Server. Version 5.0.3 features important enhancements and fixes.

In order to upgrade, please visit the Downloads area on our website at and select the desired product kit.

For a detailed description of version 5.0.3 enhancements, please see the list below.

Best regards,

1. Enhancements

-SEARCH-FOLDERS: Search operations initialized by a MAPI client are now faster.
-LOG: More information was added in the socket pools logs.

2. Bugfixes

-SMTP-OUT: The server crashed when stopping if numerous emails were sent for relay.
-CALENDAR: AXIGEN crashed when parsing some bad formated calendar emails.
-IMAP: Encoded email header fields are no longer decoded by the ENVELOPE command. Decoded headers were not handled correctly by certain IMAP clients.
-IMAP: A special EXPUNGE command format caused the server to stop responding and kill itself after 5 minutes.
-IMAP: A special SEARCH command format caused the server to stop responding and kill itself after 5 minutes.
-CLI: A server crash in the repairAccount command was fixed.
-CLI: Upgrade storage command from the domain context did not upgrade any domain objects.
-FILTERS: Long folded headers were disarranged when filtering with Aximilter and NOD32.
-FILTERS: Instances when stopping the server took a long time if connections to external filters have just been initiated were fixed.
-DNR: DNS queries returned some answers wrongly interpreted as invalid.
-WEBMAIL: All HTML emails were wrongly displayed on Solaris/SPARC.
-WEBMAIL(pages): On IE6, corrupted messages generated errors in mail list view within the containing folder, making them impossible to access.
-STORAGE: Local email delivery failed with the: "Unable to write data to mailbox INBOX" message. This version contains the logic needed to recover from this error.
-STORAGE: Account quotas were computed again if inconsistencies were found in the storage cache.
-AUTOMIGRATION: The backslash character is now allowed as folder hierarchy delimiter.
-PROCESSING: A dead-lock in socket filter pools was fixed. Using many external filters blocked email processing after some time.
-PROCESSING: A rare condition, which caused server crashes when multiple filters processed the same email, was fixed.
-SEARCH: The server crashed when searching Unicode patterns in certain emails.
-SEARCH: Instances when stopping the server took a long time due to search jobs still running were fixed.
-SEARCH: Unicode searches on header fields with values folded on multiple lines, failed depending on the searched pattern.
-CORE: Some errors that caused an infinite loop during SSL/TLS negotiation were fixed.
-CORE: A dead-lock in the resource manager module, which caused services to stop responding, was fixed.
-MIGRATION: Source delimiter for folders hierarchy used by some IMAP servers was not correctly replaced with AXIGEN's delimiter when literals were used.
-MIGRATION: Manual migration from CLI accepted a list of remote folders which were not migrated.
-MIGRATION: Additional internal date formats used by remote IMAP servers, even if they are not RFC compliant, are now accepted.
-MIGRATION: A buffer overflow, when reading certain remote IMAP sever responses, was fixed.
-CONFIG: Storage for contact's information FirstName, LastName and NickName attributes was increased from 64 to 256 bytes.
-CONFIG: Characters for quoted string attributes with values greater than 127 are now allowed.
-CONFIG: No more than 16 RPOP connections could be configured for an account.
-DOMAINS: When the server loaded 6.0 domains on 5.0 it corrupted them.
-PROCESSING: Server crashes sometimes if emails in PROCESSING state are deleted from CLI/WA or disk.
-WEBADMIN: Maximum length for the account's FirstName and LastName attributes was increased from 128 to 255 bytes.