Axigen Releases Version 8.0.1

Category: Product Releases
Published on November 30, 2011

Dear Axigen Friends,

We are happy to announce the release of Axigen 8.0.1. This minor version introduces a new set of usability enhancements for the Ajax WebMail interface, while also adding a series of corrections and bugfixes for the Axigen server and connectors.

To see all that's changed in 8.0.1, please consult the list below.
As always, you can begin the upgrade to the 8.0.1 release of the Axigen server and Outlook Connector by visiting the Downloads Area on our website.

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (i.e. at this moment, only the 8.0.x and 7.6.1 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).

Should you like more information about the Axigen 8.0.1 release, or should you be interested in other types of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Axigen Mail Server 8.0.1

- WEBMAIL-AJAX: FF7 support for mail composer has been added.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Login operation for mailing lists has been properly handled from the WEBMAIL-AJAX interface.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: When composing notes from OUTLOOK-CONNECTOR proper handling of the subject header has been introduced.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Timezone conversion (from the event's timezone to the timezone set in WEBMAIL) has been implemented.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Support to handle the sub-folders of the Sent folder similarly with the Sent folder has been added.
- CALENDAR: The timezone database has been updated to version 2011g.
- CALENDAR: The "Message-ID" header field is now added in each calendar-related generated email message.
- ACTIVESYNC: Support for handling meeting requests with attachments has been added.
- FILTERS: Additional actions for Sieve filters are now supported in case of email Group Objects.
- FILTERS: The Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK has been update to version
- DOMAINS: The contacts exported to "Domain Contacts" public folder are no longer restricted by the "number of messages" limit imposed on that folder.
- DOMAINS: If a public folder is deleted its associated email address is removed as well.
- WEBADMIN: The maximum number of storage locations that can be defined has been increased to 32.
- MIME: The parts of a multi-part alternative MIME message are searched for multi-part sub-parts as well.
- AUTO-MIGRATION: The accounts that have been automatically migrated through the WEBMAIL login process are created as Premium Accounts if possible (license conditions allow it); otherwise these accounts are created as Basic Accounts.
- CONFIG: The maximum supported length for email signature managed from the WEBMAIL interface has been increased to 16384 bytes (16 KB) in order to allow larger HTML custom email signatures.

Bugfixes from previous version
- MAILBOX: Allow creation of folders having spaces at the beginning and/or end of their names.
- CLI: Fixed the server crash when setting unknown timezones.
- QUEUE: Fixed an illegal memory access in the mail queue processing module.
- LDAP: Fixed search operations in some specific Active Directory configurations by disabling LDAP Referrals feature.
- LDAP: Ignore invalid values used for provisioning of user settings via "account_defaults.txt".
- ACTIVESYNC: Set the correct charset value when converting text plain to HTML body.
- ACTIVESYNC: Fixed synchronization of the Website field for contacts.
- CALENDAR: Fixed the exporting in iCal format of calendars that contain UTF8 characters.
- CALENDAR: Fixed an infinite loop when computing the free/busy status for certain calendars.
- CALENDAR: Certain bad formatted calendar events made the server crash when parsing them.
- SMTP-IN: Fixed receiving emails for groups larger than 500 recipients.
- FILTERS: The sieve "fileinto" action from an user filter has priority over other "fileinto" actions from group/domain/server filters.
- FILTERS: Fixed Kaspersky Anti-Spam spam level mapping to Axigen spam level.
- FILTERS: Obey encoding rules when creating emails that are to be forwarded automatically.
- WEBMAIL: ZIP code was lost after importing a previously exported list of contacts.
- WEBMAIL: Files with ".txt" or ".pdf" extensions cannot be downloaded from Webmail Standard interface.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed plain/text descriptions for events and tasks.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed focus issues in mail composer.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed event rendering issues in month panel.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed some search issues for non-EN languages.
- WEBMAIL: Keep location and attendees attributes on drag-and-drop.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed iTip handling when read from the Sent folder.
- WEBMAIL: Implemented bottom left banner integration with the tree calendar widget.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed replyToAll field issues when replying from Sent or Drafts.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed event shifts when DST occurs in the current month interval.
- WEBADMIN: Fixed search in the Storage Charts context.
- WEBADMIN: Fixed some search related issues in Domain Admin Limits.
- WEBADMIN: When defining reporting charts the server could crash due of an invalid memory access.

Axigen Outlook Connector

Bug fixes from previous versions
- Clear the "unsent" status for emails with attachment that were sent and moved into "Sent items" folder.
- Improved handling of calendar events created from event invitation when using Outlook 2010.
- Fix a synchronization hang in the cached mode when sending an email to exactly 10 recipients.
- Fix task accepting operations.
- Fix Outlook hang when parsing some calendar messages.
- Folders containing some special characters in their names cannot be opened.
- Fix Outlook crash when using Polish localization.