Axigen Releases Version 8.0

Category: Product Releases
Published on March 31, 2011

Dear Axigen Friends,

We are happy to announce the commercial release of Axigen version 8.0, offering a full-featured Ajax WebMail interface (with Calendars, Tasks and Notes), as well as enhanced connectivity with MS Outlook and streamlined administration capabilities.

– To see all that's new in Axigen 8.0, please read the list below.
– To download the 8.0 release of the Axigen messaging platform and Outlook Connector, simply visit our Downloads Area and select the desired product kits.

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (i.e. at this moment, only the 8.0 and 7.6 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).

For more information about Axigen v8.0, features and upgrade steps included, please contact us at

Best regards,
The Axigen Team

New features
– Complete PIM interface: Calendar, Tasks and Notes sections available for use together with sharing capabilities and a wide range of usability enhancements.
– Multiple date and time formats: users can choose their favorite representation format for the date and time fields.
– Email reminders for events and tasks: users can define email reminders associated with calendar events and tasks.
– Calendar-related settings: users can set their calendar preferences related to week start day, start / end of work time etc.
– Filtered email: a new 'Filtered Email' folder has been introduced for storing messages coming from possible untrusted senders (senders whose email addresses are not in the user's address-book); this message filtering option is available to the user and can be combined with the existing Identity Confirmation mechanism.
– Localization support: the translations of the Ajax WebMail interface continued and internationalization is now available also for Danish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Swedish, Japanese, Czech, Indonesian and Chinese (simplified).

– LDAP-based provisioning of user settings: for new accounts created through LDAP synchronization, administrators can specify initial values for various user settings (e.g. language, time zone, date / time format, signature).
– Localized system messages: email messages sent by the server in case of different system-related events (e.g. welcome message on account creation, notifications regarding password expiration or exceeding quota limit) can now be localized and customized according to a template.
– Statistics related to server usage: the Axigen mail server can send periodical statistic reports to an email address specified by the administrator for the purpose of collecting statistical data; these reports contain anonymous information related to the platform on which the server runs and to the size of handled data (e.g. number of defined domains and accounts, number and types of services and add-ons used etc.).

– Localization support: the interface of the Outlook Connector can now be localized, if the connector detects and internationalized version of Microsoft Outlook; internationalization is available for French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, Swedish, Czech.
– Automatic profile creation: a Microsoft Outlook profile, specific to the connector, can be defined and created immediately after the connector has been installed from its installation kit.
– Auto-discovery: the user can define a connector-specific profile using an auto-discovery mechanism, similar to the one used for the ActiveSync service; this mechanism allows the user to specify only the email address and the password for accessing his account from Outlook, without having to specify additional service-related information (such as hostname or IP address, service port, running mode etc.); the auto-discovery can be used both immediately after the installation of the connector or at a later time.
– Synchronization of calendar options: the Outlook Connector can use the calendar-related options defined by the user in his account from the Ajax-WebMail interface.

– WEBMAIL-PROXY: The password can now be changed from this service.

Bug fixes from the previous version
– WEBADMIN: Editing and saving a rule in Acceptance / Routing (Advanced Settings) no longer results in moving the rule to the bottom of the list.
– CORE: Fixed the SSL communication when write operations timed out.
– WEBMAIL: The business address of a contact can now be saved in the AJAX interface.
– WEBMAIL: New messages were sometimes incorrectly shown as received "Yesterday" in the AJAX interface.