Axigen Releases Version 8.1.0

Category: Product Releases
Published on October 18, 2012

Dear Axigen Friends,

We have the pleasure to announce you that after a long time we have just released the new major version Axigen 8.1. This version strengthens our mature and stable product with new filtering capabilities, user credentials' recovery and other useful enhancements.

To see all that's new in 8.1, please consult the detailed list below or the Release History.

To download the 8.1 release of the Axigen Mail Server and Outlook Connector, simply visit our Downloads Area and select the desired product kits.

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (i.e. at this moment, only the 8.0.x and 8.1 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).

Should you like more information about the Axigen 8.1 release, or should you be interested in other types of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to get in touch with us at anytime or contact an Axigen local partner.

Axigen Mail Server 8.1.0

New Features
- a new embedded filter based on the technology created by Image Analyzer has been introduces for detecting sexually explicit image content;
- such content can be detected in attached images or in other type of attachments (MS Office 2010 files, ZIP archives) with embedded images;
- the filter can be configured from Axigen administrative services to use different constraints during the scanning process and to handle suspicious messages in multiple ways;
- the new filter is a Premium Add-on that can be activated on both incoming and outgoing message flow of the Premium Accounts.

- access to an Axigen email account can be recovered when the user forgets the login username or password;
- forgotten username can be recovered when the user requests it explicitly: Axigen includes it in an email message sent to the personal (alternative) email address that was set in the Axigen account;
- forgotten password can be reset when the user requests it explicitly: Axigen allows the reset when the user answers correctly to a secret question that was set in the Axigen account or includes a password reset link in an email message sent to the personal (alternative) email address that was set in the Axigen account;
- credentials' recovery can be activated from the administrative services and is available in the Ajax-Webmail service.

- STATISTICS: Enhanced usage reports are periodically generated by Axigen and sent to an email address specified by the administrator; these reports now includes total, maximum and average numbers of defined and used resources (Domains, Premium Accounts and Premium Add-ons) on each elapsed interval.
- CLUSTERING: The IMAP, POP3 and Webmail connections coming in the Front-End tier and accessing an Axigen account can be routed independently, without the use of a UserMap object; the server hosting the account is resolved through simple interrogation of the servers in the Back-End tier of the cluster on the CLI service.
- PROCESSING: embedded filters apply tags on the scanned messages that are quarantined; in the Quarantine view the messages can be selected using the tag applied by a filter; the messages can also be downloaded as .eml files in order to be inspected by the administrator.
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: The email messages can be individually saved as .eml files into the local file-system of the user; this save operation can be used for messages of any size.
- SECURITY: TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support is provided for Axigen services.
- CONFIG: All the versions of the overridden 'axigen.cfg' config file are stored in a separate folder working_directory/run/old_configs/, allowing the administrator to have access to previous Axigen configurations.

Supported Platforms Updates
- support introduced for FreeBSD 8.3 on i386 and amd64 architectures
- support discontinued for FreeBSD 7.x

- Mozilla Firefox 16 and Google Chrome 22 are supported

Bug Fixes
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Timezone column text in Calendar view does not change when changing the timezone
- ACTIVESYNC: Search result includes domain contacts, even though they are not published in the Public Address-Book
- WEBADMIN: Confusing error message when loading an invalid certificate
- WEBADMIN: Summary section displays only on active AV/AS applications even though multiple applications are active
- CONFIG: Configuration wizard does not enable listeners on all interfaces (ip
- BACKUP: On Windows platform as "Bad drive letter" error is get when a FUSE mount is attempted for a Domain Object
- DOMAINS: Send & Receive Restricitions do not work properly at domain-level
- LDAP-SYNC: LDAP attribute axiProfession is not synchronized when it contains values with some special characters
- FILTERS: Messages received by an account whose incoming flow was redirected to another account from the same domain do not reach to the second account
- FILTERS: The header "From" of the Out-of-Office response message is not encoded properly
- WEBMAIL-PROXY: The classic Webmail interface is displayed instead of Ajax-Webmail interface
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: The fields 'Home Phone Number' and 'Work Phone Number' are not exported when an Export Contacts operation is performed
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Bad display of date picker object in Chrome browser
- SEARCH: A search operation on content written in other charsets is performed in case sensitive mode
- SECURITY: Script injection vulnerability of Webmail service when used from Internet Explorer
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Contacts can not be sorted by the Last Name field in the email composing context
- ACTIVESYNC: Caledar Events created through a copy-paste operation from Outlook are not properly synchronized
- PROCESSING: Some errors are reported in log when sending many messages in a short time
- PROCESSING: Incorrect SPF-related email header fields assigned to messages after SPF checking
- I18N: Time is not properly updated for certain timezones
- CLI: Wrong used disk size displayed by command 'SHOW storageInformation'
- SECURITY: If SSL is enabled, the services accepts weak ciphers, being vulnerable to the BEAST attack