Axigen Unveils New 7.4 Commercial Version

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Published on June 08, 2010

Dear Axigen Friends,

We are happy to announce the release of the new 7.4 commercial version of the Axigen messaging platform, bringing an ever more mature and stable product that takes email security and usability to the next level.

- To see all that's new in Axigen 7.4, please see the list below.
- To download the 7.4 release of the Axigen messaging platform & Outlook Connector, simply visit our Downloads Area and select the desired product kits.

Please note that according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 6.2.2 and the 7.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

For further details on Axigen v7.4, features or upgrade steps included, please contact us at:

Best regards,
The Axigen Team

Axigen Mail Server

New features
- SECURITY: A server-level Greylisting mechanism has been introduced and can be enabled by administrators on the SMTP-Receiving service.
- SERVER: A new Licensing Model has been implemented and it is based on (Free) Basic Accounts and (Paid) Premium Accounts with selected available Add-on Services.
- SERVER: AxiMonitor supervisor application is available for Windows Axigen server deployments.
- DOMAINS/GROUPWARE: Public Free/Busy Status has been introduced along with the existing Shared Free/Busy Status and it allows a user to make his Free/Busy Status available to any user in any domain.
- DOMAINS/GROUPWARE: Public and Shared Free/Busy Status can now be managed from Standard-WebMail and from Outlook Connector using a newly created Free/Busy Provider.
- DOMAINS/GROUPWARE: The Free/Busy Status has been enhanced with two new values, namely "Out of office" and "Tentative".
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Filters' Tab: users can add, edit and delete email filters in the Ajax WebMail interface. Filters can also be run retroactively and on specific folders.
- WebMail-AJAX: Localization: the Ajax WebMail interface now has support for localization.

- MIGRATION: The administrator now has the possibility to select the account class for migrated users to be created in.
- MIGRATION: The administrator can configure if an account is in migration state or not, per domain defaults or account class category of users.
- MIGRATION: The auto-migration mechanism has been enhanced so that it will resume from previous interrupted migrations. Due to this change if the server has migration enabled it will be disabled on upgrade to prevent re-migration of the previously migrated accounts.
- WEBMAIL: Internet Explorer 8.0 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 are now fully supported.
- WebMail-AJAX (User Interface): Some of the modal dialogues buttons had their labels modified.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX (User Interface): The menu bar of the main view now has a better, clearer look and feel.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX (User Interface): "Spam/Not spam" buttons were added to the menu bar.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX (Blacklist/Whitelist): The "Blacklist/Whitelist" section supports wildcards.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX (Blacklist/Whitelist): Several modifications were made in the contextual menu of the emails view, such as adding Blacklist/Whitelist options.
- WebMail-AJAX: There is now a "Settings" option to disable keyboard shortcuts.
- DOMAINS: Domain Contacts have been modified to support the full list of fields as vCards.
- DOMAINS: An administrator can know select which contacts of the domain-level recipients should be published in the "Domain Contacts" folder.
- DOMAINS: An administrator can also edit the Personal Contact Information of an account and can make this information read-only for the user of that account.
- FILTERS: The Identity Confirmation mechanism has its own method in the sieve filtering language. This solves some issues with the confirmation not being sent for groups, and read receipts remaining in the "Unconfirmed Messages" folder.
- ADMINISTRATION: There can be defined a list of domain-level reserved recipient names that delegated domain administrators cannot use to create accounts, mailing lists or groups with these names.
- ADMINISTRATION/CLI: The LDAP synchronization status and associations can now be reset from CLI.

Bugfixes from the previous version
- CORE: Fixed a SPF issue with parsing DNS records that ended in spaces.
- WEBADMIN: Messages for which reloading is needed are now displayed only for some processing service parameters.
- WEBADMIN: Fixed a problem with global and domain-specific SMTP routes.
- WEBADMIN: Delegated administrators can now create message rules for mailing lists.
- WEBADMIN: Fixed an issue where no more than 100 rules could be added in the "Acceptance & Routing" section.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed an issue where WebMail calendar reminders appeared at the wrong time.
- WEBMAIL: The order of tasks' due and start dates has been reversed.
- WEBMAIL: Fixed an issue with erroneous web redirecting in cookie.
- WEBMAIL: Recipients list ending in comma/semi-colon is now treated as valid addresses
- WEBMAIL: Fixed an issue with wrong timezone in event proposal emails.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed a replacement of "+" chars with spaces in URLs.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed the wrong filling of the "Bcc:" fields when forwarding emails.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed the escaping problem of the "<" character for Whitelisted addresses.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed the JS error in case of empty subfolder names.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed the persistence problem of option "Also apply these permissions to subfolders" on "Public Folders" root.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed an issue with the pop-up dialogs for sharing contexts.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed a performance issue with contacts listing when there are many contacts.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Signatures are now added correctly after the body text.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed an issue where draft mails were moved to Trash.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: The WebMail no longer freezes when trying to access a specific message.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Fixed an issue with the signature still being present after it was deleted.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Opened emails are now marked as read when collapsing the preview pane.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Message flags are no longer lost when editing draft messages.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: "New contact" operations no longer reset the contact list filtering.
- MAILING LIST: A member is unsubscribed when the list's admin approves this operation.
- FILTERS: SPF exceptions are now working properly.
- FILTERS: Fixed a problem with the exceptions from send/receive restrictions.
- LDAP-SYNC: The user can now change his password when the LDAP sync is enabled and the LDAP-based authentication is also enabled.
- CORE: Fixed a logging issue related to automatic migration.
- CLI: Administrators can now use "ignoreFolders" with spaces and the "MIGRATE" command.
- CLI: Several attributes for mailing lists (e.g: timezone) can now be configured.
- CLI: Fixed an issue with the "PURGE disposableMetadata" that never finished.
- SMTP-OUT: A correct error message will be returned when being unable to connect.
- SMTP: Fixed an incorrect error message when receiving email for a group.
- SMTP: Fixed a small issue regarding NDRs.
- SMTP: Fixed an issue where sending/receiving restrictions did not apply.
- SMTP: Fixed an issue that prevented Axigen from authenticating with a smart-host.
- ASYNC: All day events created with ActiveSync are now longer visible as two full day events.

Platform & application support changes
- Added support for:
o FreeBSD 8.x
- Removed support for:
o Ubuntu Server 8.10
o Debian 4.0
o Mandriva 2009.0
o FreeBSD 6.x
o OpenBSD 4.5

Axigen Outlook Connector

New features
- Free/Busy provider: The ability to access Free/Busy information in Outlook from the "Scheduling" tab.
- Password expiration: Users can change the Axigen account password directly from Outlook.
- Contact details: Allow users to change personal contact information from Outlook.
- Branding: The installation kit of the connector and the elements introduced in the Graphical User Interface by the connector can now be branded upon request.

- Added support for Microsoft Windows 7.
- Shared folders and Public folders are now named "~FolderName (Owner name/Public)" only for Calendar/Task/Notes/Contacts folders.

Bugfixes from the previous version
- Outlook "to do" tasks are now properly listed in the "to do" toolbar.
- Pressing "dismiss" for a recurrent event reminder in Outlook will no longer be ignored.
- Moving an occurrence to another day no longer makes that occurrence unusable.
- Occurrences moved by the organizer to another day are no more doubled at attendees.
- No more errors are encountered when trying to complete a recurrent task from the "to do" view.
- Password was required and not remembered when creating profiles with the "Remember Password" option unchecked.
- Outlook no more crashes when closing it while the initial sync is in progress.
- The last boundary is no longer lost when sending messages with signatures containing a picture.
- "In-Reply-To" header added when sending a message.
- Flagging an email no longer results in its received date being rewritten.
- Fixed a permission parsing problem
- The "From:" header is no correctly filled when sending messages on authorized behalf of other user
- Fixed the problem of sending messages with a signature containing a picture
- Outlook 2003 no longer crashes when choosing "Select user" under "Manage Global Permissions".
- Server side rules are now visible in Outlook as well.
- Task/event requests with names containing "<" are now loaded by Outlook.
- Bitmap objects from an event body are now saved correctly.
- No more errors are encountered when clicking on "other users folders" and the user's name.
- Changes are now visible when users modify notes.
- The "From" address can be modified while mail is in Outbox.
- Search folders are now working when first opening Outlook.
- Categories created using a profile with cache enabled are now visible in the list of categories in profiles without cache.
- Large mails sent while offline are now cleared from Outbox after returning online.
- New emails with Rich text and inline picture are now handled correctly.
- Accepted/rejected tasks created from Outlook for alias users are now handled correctly.

Active Directory Extension

New features
- New "enableAutoMigration" element, added in user properties page.
- New "enableSharing" element, added in user properties page.
- Contact information extended.

- "Enable Outlook Connector", "Enable ActiveSync" and "Enable Personal Organizer" were moved in the "Services" dialog of User properties page.
- Added support for Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit).

Bugfixes from the previous version
- "Remove photo" from Active Directory is now working.