AXIGEN v 1.0.7

Category: Product Releases
Published on January 10, 2006

AXIGEN v 1.0.7 [Product Release]
We have released today a new version with minor alteration in default values of AXIGEN parameters:
allowStarttls is set to "no", instead of "yes".
We have changed the default value as a workaround for an issue raised on support list regarding initiating a SSL connection to an AXIGEN mail serever with no SSL certificate or invalid SSL certificate.
In this scenario present commercial versions of AXIGEN will respond with "connect error".

The problem will be entirely fixed in next AXIGEN version.

The new version is available on

Upgrading from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7

- RPM package
rpm -Uvh axigen-1.0.7*.rpm

- Gentoo package
emerge axigen

- Slackware package
upgradepkg axigen-1.0.7*.tgz

- DEB and Ubuntu packages
dpkg -iG axigen_1.0.7*.deb

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