AXIGEN v 1.1.0

Category: Product Releases
Published on January 24, 2006

Dear AXIGEN user,

Please find below the main new features, bug fixes and upgrade tips for the new v 1.1 commercial release. We would like to thank you for your feedback during the beta testing stage.

Important: please be aware that the new version requires a new License Key that enables you to use the added functionalities.
Please request the new license key from specifying your Registration Code.

Also, please note that since today we have made available the new Users Manual, better explaining all AXIGEN features.

1. New Features/Changes
== ====================

- License: The license key has been upgraded to a new version. It is recommended to request a new license key from, in order for all the features in AXIGEN to function according to your license
- smtpOutgoing: Added the 'strict7BitMime' attribute for smtpOut Clients, which controls delivery of binary mails to servers that support only 7Bit encoding
- WebAdmin: Added the strict7BitMime setting in SMTPOut -> Clients
- Config: Changed the sslRedirectRules\\'s sslPort default value to 8443 for WebMail and 9443 for WebAdmin, respectively
- ListServer: Added core List Server features (more info in our online Knowledge Base)
- IMAP: The entire IMAP engine has been rewritten to allow better command parsing and faster mailbox access
- CLI/WebAdmin: Added Storage Compactor and Error Checker
- System: Server drops root privilegies and runs as normal system user (default username/group: axigen/axigen)
- Migration: Added migration engine between a remote IMAP server and AXIGEN
- SMTPIncoming: If the local part of the recipient is of form "user+folder", the email is delivered directly into the specified folder
- SMTPIncoming: AllowStartTLS option has been moved in clients context
- SMTPIncoming: Supported ESMTP extensions can now be enabled or disabled per client
- SMTPOutgoing: Supported ESMTP extensions can now be enabled or disabled per client
- SMTPOutgoing: Added SSL support enabling per client configuration
- Processing: Added configurable maximum number of messages per second for each account (messagesPerSecond), along with a period of time during which the account will be disabled if this time limit is exceeded (disableInterval)
- SSL: Added support for the Anonymous Diffie-Hellman (ADH) cipher
- WebAdmin/WebMail: Added support for persistent HTTP connections
- WebAdmin/WebMail: Maximum size for headers, body and attachments is configurable at server, domain and user level.
- WebAdmin: Create and Register commands for DDBs are both present in the "Commands" tab making it easier to access them
- WebAdmin: Added "Upload License Key" feature, which allows the administrator to register the server without having to manually copy the license key onto the server
- POP3: Users can directly access folders other than INBOX by using the "user+folder" login username.

2. Main Issues Fixed
== =================

- SMTPIncoming: Fixed error code in SMTP response when the mailbox name was incorrect, from 501 to 553
- WebAdmin: Server now stops when uploading an activation key
- FAPI: Fixed crash when using the built-in ClamAV filter
- WebAdmin/WebMail: Multiple HTTP logins no longer cause maximum domain locks reaching
- Sieve: Fixed matching problem when using "?" and "*" wildcards
- System: Fixed occasional crashes caused by sending the SIGHUP signal
- Reporting: Fixed several server hangs related to the reporting module

3. Upgrading from 1.0.7 to 1.1
== ===========================

- RPM package
rpm -Uvh axigen-1.1.0*.rpm

- Gentoo package
emerge axigen

- Slackware package
upgradepkg axigen-1.1.0*.tgz

- DEB and Ubuntu packages
dpkg -iG axigen_1.1.0*.deb

Please note that starting with the 1.1.0 version, the AXIGEN daemon runs with root privilegies dropped to the axigen/axigen user/group, by default, and you need to change the ownership of any AXIGEN database to this user/group. For example, if your database location resides in the /home/axigen/domains directory:
chown -R axigen:axigen /home/axigen/domains