AXIGEN v 1.1.1

Category: Product Releases
Published on February 10, 2006

Please find below the main new features, bug fixes and upgrade tips for the new v 1.1.1 commercial release.

1. New Features/Changes
== ====================
- Accounts: The default "Public Folder" account has been disabled.
- System: The daemon no longer uses the LOG_DAEMON facility for logging.

2. Main Issues Fixed
== =================
- License: Fixed incorrect count for the mailboxCountPerDomain attribute in the license file.
- WebMail: Fixed a crash when logging in after changing the domain name.
- WebMail: Fixed a crash when logging out from a deleted user.
- IMAP: Fixed a crash when fetching a message that contained malformed Headers.
- WebAdmin: Cleared the explanation for the 'address' attribute from the sslRedirectRules list.
- IMAP: Fixed a crash when authenticating with CRAM-MD5 and sending a specially crafted string.
- IMAP: Fixed renaming failure for folders with the NOSELECT flag set.
- DomainManager: Fixed a crash when loading a particular domain database.
- Storage: Fixed migration command failure after compacting a very large storage.
- HTTP: Server no longer ignores the value of the Keep-Alive HTTP header, if the listener idleTimeout attribute has a value of 0.
- HTTP: Fixed an infinite loop occurring in very rare cases.

3. Upgrading from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
== ===========================
- RPM package
rpm -Uvh axigen-1.1.1*.rpm

- Gentoo package
emerge axigen

- Slackware package
upgradepkg axigen-1.1.1*.tgz

- DEB and Ubuntu packages
dpkg -iG axigen_1.1.1*.deb

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for any questions.