AXIGEN v 1.2.6 with a better Antivirus protection is now available

Category: Product Releases
Published on September 27, 2006

We are happy to inform you that a new AXIGEN release is available now, v 1.2 6, which contains security enhancements and is much easier to install. Please find below the release notes and upgrading instructions.

1. New Features/Changes
2. Main Issues Fixed
3. Upgrading from a previous 1.2.x version

1. New Features/Changes

- Filters: Support for the AMAVIS Mail Scanner has been added, thus enabling AXIGEN to integrate with all Antiviruses that work with AMAVIS: KAV (Kaspereky AV) for Mail Servers, BitDefender, Sophos, F-Prot, DrWeb, Symantec, F-Secure, Avast, eTrust, Norman, Panda and McAfee.

- Package: The AXIGEN Configuration Wizard has been added, a binary that provides a text interface (based on ncurses) to perform the first steps in configuring AXIGEN. The binary is available for all supported packages and takes the following actions:
· It creates a domain database
· Within the database, it creates a domain and sets it as your primary domain.
· It allows users to select a certain listener to be used for Webadmin.

- Doc: The INSTALL file now contains instructions to upgrade from a previous version

- WebMail: The 'login' log message now includes the domain name. Thus, when a user logs in, the axigen log file entry also mentions the user's domain name; up to now, only the username was written in the log file.

2. Main Issues Fixed

- Initscript: Functions that were automatically creating and registering an initial DDB (domain database) have been removed. This operation is now handled by the AXIGEN Configuration Wizard).

- Initscript: The certificate file generation function has been rewritten to solve errors on BSD platforms.

- Filters: Security enhancement - The administrator can protect the Sieve filter files by removing write access. The Axigen server no longer needs write access to the Sieve filter files.

- Processing: The “no space if left on device error” causing the server to loop when all the existing space of the device storing the queue directory was used has been fixed. As a result, if the space limit on the said device is reached, the server will respond with temporary error messages.

- Processing: The module is now able to restart itself when hung

3. Upgrading from a previous 1.2.x version
All AXIGEN users can upgrade to v 1.2 6 from previous versions for no additional cost. Upgrading instructions are available in the product documentation.

Please note that the installation wizard does not ensure upgrade from a previous version.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for any further questions!