AXIGEN v 2.0.3 now available with new features based on requests from our customers!

Category: Product Releases
Published on December 20, 2006

Dear AXIGEN Friends,
We have released today the v 2.0.3 with a couple of new features and a bug fix. Please find bellow the changes in this release:

1. New Features/Changes
== ====================

- Storage: Mailbox quota limits have been increased from 1 GB to 4TB.
- Storage: The default value for mailbox quota is now set to the maximum
supported value, 4TB.
- Migration: Domain migration uses the exact username input received when a
certain user logs to the IMAP server, instead of changing it to the
"username@domain" format. This prevents possible login errors from certain
IMAP servers that do not support the "username@domain" format.

2. Main Issues Fixed
== =================

- SMTP Outgoing: Fixed delivery failures caused by relay email messages being
considered local

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for any further questions you might have!