AXIGEN v1.0.2

Category: Product Releases
Published on October 28, 2005

We are glad to announce you the release of a new AXIGEN version 1.0.2, with a new feature added and some problems fixed.

New feature:
- Return codes were implemented in the CLI protocol

Problems fixed:
- DNR: now all MX addreses were resolved for a domain (in the previous release not all of them were solved)
- smtpOutgoing: corect handle of data write timeouts
- smtpIncoming: configuration parameter 'maxDataSize=0' was not treat as unlimited size if the 'MAIL FROM' command has parameter 'SIZE'

- we have added a package for the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
- we have replaced the Quick Install Guide
Following your feedback, we understand that our documentation is poor, and we are working on replacing it with a more detailed and complete one. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!