AXIGEN version 1.2.4 with new functionality for mail relay

Category: Product Releases
Published on June 29, 2006

AXIGEN version 1.2.4 is now available for download in the Downloads section of our website. This version fixes an issue related to mail relay for non local domains.

1. Main Issues Fixed

- SMTPOutgoing: Added search for domain in local storage when applying smtpOutgoing service restrictions for accounts/domains.

2. Upgrading from a previous 1.2.x version:
- RPM package
rpm -Uvh axigen-1.2.4*.rpm

- Gentoo package
emerge axigen

- Slackware package
upgradepkg axigen-1.2.4*.tgz

- DEB and Ubuntu packages
dpkg -iG axigen_1.2.4*.deb

- OpenBSD packages:
pkg_add -r -F update axigen-1.2.4_1
cp `pkg_info -L partial-axigen | grep axigen.cfg` \ /var/axigen/run/axigen.cfg pkg_delete partial-axigen-1.2.3_1

- FreeBSD/NetBSD packages (don't support the upgrade option):
Stop the AXIGEN daemon
Backup your /var/axigen/run/axigen.cfg configuration file Uninstall axigen
pkg_delete axigen
Install the new version
pkg_add axigen-1.2.4_1.tgz
Restore your configuration file
Start the AXIGEN daemon