Introducing Axigen X2

Category: Product Releases
Published on May 10, 2018

Axigen X2 focuses on improving the user experience, for both the admin and the end user. Below you can find the detailed change log, along with the info you need to know when upgrading.

Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Axigen Mail Server

AXI-0000 Axigen AntiVirus & AntiSpam (Powered by Cyren) — AntiVirus & AntiSpam are now integrated into the product
AXI-0002 Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates Generation and Auto-renewal — CLI Based
AXI-0004 CalDAV Calendar Sharing
AXI-1999 Calendars, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts Migration from Other Servers — Migrate PIM data from Kerio Connect or Communigate Pro, by using the new auto-migration extension.
AXI-1972 Persian Calendar Support in WebMail

AXI-2180 SERVER Automatically clean up Spam & Trash (configurable job)
AXI-1778 SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Introduce default branding
AXI-2194 SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Introduce delivery receipts (DSN)
AXI-1274 WEBADMIN Open support tickets from the admin interface
AXI-2067 WEBADMIN Introduce product update notifications
AXI-257 WEBMAIL Introduce multi-day events
AXI-805 WEBMAIL Introduce multiple (overlayed) calendar views
AXI-1744 WEBMAIL Composer (all): Automatically create multi-level bullets & numbering
AXI-1743 WEBMAIL Composer (all): Introduce quotes in the composers
AXI-2101 WEBMAIL Reshape the distribution list item (viewer + editor)
AXI-29 WEBMAIL Introduce custom scroll bar in all scrollable containers (Chrome, Safari)
AXI-95 WEBMAIL Mail (composer / editor): Break original quote when replying
AXI-1925, AXI-1945 WEBMAIL Introduce automatic time-zone detection & update
AXI-1759 WEBMAIL Mail list: Add an option to show message size information
AXI-2129 WEBMAIL Share calendar events, tasks, notes, or contacts via email by right click or drag-and-drop over the sidebar email icon
AXI-2215 WEBMAIL Allow users with the appropriate permissions to create public folders of any type (email / calendar / tasks / notes / contacts)

AXI-0001 CALDAV Added support for more efficient collection synchronization (RFC 6578)
AXI-0003 SERVER Changed the behavior of LIST/XLIST IMAP commands to only display mail folders by default
AXI-0005 SERVER Updated timezone data to 2018a
AXI-0006 BACKUP Added UTF8 support for path names in Linux FUSE mounts and the FTP server
AXI-1446 BACKUP Added code for backing up and restoring account classes
AXI-2096 SERVER Performance improvement in contact indexing
AXI-2017 SERVER Updated timezone definitions
AXI-1988 SERVER Improved compatibility with eM Client
AXI-1985 SERVER Improved the CalDAV scheduling implementation
AXI-1968 SERVER Added support for the IMAP ID extension
AXI-1963 SERVER Added X-FolderType tag to IMAP LIST and XLIST
AXI-1694 SERVER Improved migration code that handles localizable special folders (Sent, Trash, etc.)
AXI-2142 SERVER Performance improvements in SORT indexes
AXI-2020 SERVER Improved performance when computing Contact indexes
AXI-2003 SERVER Allow authentication-only request for local user maps
AXI-1996 SERVER Added the keepHeaders SMTP variable
AXI-2015 CLUSTER The FEs now only temporarily reject when user database has not finished loading
AXI-2074 MIGRATION Consider special use attributes when migrating folders
AXI-1952 SERVER Extend serverActiveFilters applyOn to allow applying inbound and outbound filters in cluster
AXI-1748 CLI Increase the SHOW / UPLOAD SmtpFilters CLI commands limit (128 KB to 4 MB)
AXI-2192 IMAP Complete the SPECIAL-USE (RFC 6154) implementation and advertise the capability
AXI-1656 CALENDAR Added support for multi-day monthly recurrent events
AXI-1783 WEBADMIN Display more than 50 IPs in Global Access Control
AXI-2068 WEBADMIN Show the RC in license information during Extended Trial
AXI-2155 WEBADMIN Display the "license expires in" date interval in a smart format
AXI-2198 WEBADMIN Show a specific icon in the listeners list for SSL enabled listeners
AXI-2199 WEBADMIN Add a confirmation prompt in the domains list on the disable domain action
AXI-2205 WEBADMIN Show "N/A" as date for never acquired components in license information
AXI-1920 WEBMAIL Improved WebMail performance by caching address book entries
AXI-1871 WEBMAIL Improved WebMail responsiveness when viewing large HTML messages
AXI-2096 WEBMAIL Important performance improvement under high load scenarios (400+ concurrent WEBMAIL users)
AXI-362 WEBMAIL [Chrome, Safari] Folder Tree: Extend right click area to entire row (now only folder name)
AXI-2127 WEBMAIL Improve iTip rendering on Safari 11.0+
AXI-1746 WEBMAIL Change the language drop-downs to searchable drop-downs
AXI-1709 WEBMAIL Improve the redir.hsp implementation to eliminate persistence in copy link, reply & forward email
AXI-2164 WEBMAIL Make folder sorting case insensitive
AXI-2096 WEBMAIL Avoid WebMail service busy in high load scenarios (400+ concurrent WEBMAIL users)
AXI-2095 WEBMAIL Improve the Ajax WebMail interface to detect all Norwegian languages settings
AXI-2029 WEBMAIL Contacts (composer): show addresses on 3 lines
AXI-2012 WEBMAIL Change the Free / Busy defaults when creating a new event
AXI-1998 WEBMAIL Increase the auto-complete drop-down limit to 10 entries instead of 5
AXI-1856 WEBMAIL Improve the current auto-complete logic (match diacritical marks and name part subsets when separated by ".", "_", or "-")
AXI-1855 WEBMAIL Improve the quick search mechanism to match based on space separation
AXI-2063 WEBMAIL Improve the message list loading time
AXI-2112 WEBMAIL Fix issue breaking original font when replying
AXI-2127 WEBMAIL [Safari 11+] Improve iTip rendering
AXI-2194 WEBMAIL Create emails from calendar events, tasks, notes, or contacts via right click or sidebar drag-and-drop
AXI-2126 WEBMAIL Automatically deactivate the out-of-office if its end date is a specific date which is in the past

AXI-1495 SERVER Fixed FUSE issue with I/O errors when accessing an account level mount point after a period of inactivity
AXI-2163 CALENDAR Fixed reminders for recurrent events being lost after the first dismissal
AXI-2162 ACTIVESYNC Fixed downloading attachments when using recent versions of Android Gmail client
AXI-2138 CALENDAR Fixed PARTSTAT reset when an attendee edits the reminder for an accepted event
AXI-2124 CALDAV Fixed synchronisation errors for folders that contain an underscore character in their name
AXI-2107 CALDAV Fixed crash caused by misunderstood event timezone definitions
AXI-2099 CALDAV Fixed failure to accept meeting invite when using iOS 11
AXI-2082 SERVER Fixed crash caused by invalid IMAP request
AXI-2061 ACTIVESYNC Fixed crash caused by invalid client request
AXI-2056 CALDAV Fixed crash caused by invalid event
AXI-1446 BACKUP Fixed a number of problems that could have caused missing entries in backups created via FTP
AXI-2048 CALDAV Fixed crash caused by invalid event
AXI-2027 SERVER Fixed crash caused by invalid charset
AXI-2038 MIGRATION Fixed a failure in migration caused by special characters in the folder names from the migration source
AXI-2037 MIGRATION Fixed a scenario that caused migrated emails to be duplicated in Axigen
AXI-2034 CALDAV Fixed crash caused by events being present in the Tasks folder
AXI-2028 CALENDAR Fixed crash caused by scenario involving a alarm dismissal for a recurrent event
AXI-1803 BACKUP Removed oldest backup label when maximum number of backup labels is reached
AXI-2026 SERVER Fixed Windows hang caused by CalDAV scenario
AXI-2007 SERVER Avoid processing hang due to un-indexed contact folders by imposing a time limit for contact searching
AXI-2001 SERVER Fixed ActiveSync iOS interoperability issue
AXI-1969 CALENDAR Drop RSVP parameter when updating own attendee status
AXI-1949 CALDAV Reset PARTSTAT for attendees in newly created recurrence exceptions
AXI-1886 CLUSTER Fixed plus addressing in cluster environment
AXI-637 WEBMAIL Calendar: Fix faulty rendering of all-day / multi-day event created using time interval
AXI-1249 WEBMAIL [macOS[Chrome][Safari] Fix non working shortcuts in the HTML editor
AXI-1271 WEBMAIL Fix inline images paste on MS Edge
AXI-1364 WEBMAIL Settings: Fix thumbnail preview size not being properly calculated after upload
AXI-1381 POP3: Fix POP3 error caused by a specific message
AXI-2009 WEBMAIL Contacts: Fix issue resulting in wrong parsing & generation of multiple vCard TEL fields
AXI-1959 WEBMAIL [macOS][Chrome][Safari] Mail list: Fix issue resulting in browser selecting text when right clicking texts
AXI-1958 WEBMAIL Fix wrong parsing for emails that contain the ',' character in the name part
AXI-1432 WEBMAIL Fix issue causing attachments not to be visible for forwarded messages when the sender has an image in signature
AXI-1481 WEBMAIL [Firefox] Address Book: Fix RTL issue resulting in the list of contacts moving slightly to the left on each click on any contact
AXI-1529 WEBMAIL Settings (Filters): Fix Size units not being usable when the interface is set to French language
AXI-1534 WEBMAIL Calendar (Week view): Fix issue causing event displayed incorrectly
AXI-1580 MIGRATION Automatic Migration: Fix Webmail first login setting the account type as Premium
AXI-1611 WEBMAIL Mail item (URL Redirects): Fix issue resulting in broken redirect URL in some specific cases
AXI-1618 WEBMAIL Fix the cluster propagation of the 'autoMigration' flag
AXI-1672 WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in WebMail not displaying email address of contact created by on macOS 10.11.6
AXI-1676 WEBMAIL Fix default font name not shown when focusing on message / calendar body
AXI-1745 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix issue resulting in non-working TAB between subject and body when replying
AXI-1765 SERVER Fix WebMail hang scenario
AXI-1780 WEBMAIL Fix issue not showing full message content for a specific message
AXI-1786 WEBMAIL [Standard WebMail] Fix issue resulting displaying empty error message when sending an email to a non-existing user
AXI-1788 SERVER Fix storage leaking when an account is removed
AXI-1872 WEBADMIN Fix group display issue when for groups with more than 1000 members
AXI-1876 WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in specific message showing blank message body
AXI-1879 WEBADMIN Fix group member deletion confirmation window showing blank message
AXI-1891 WEBMAIL Fix issue unticking the blacklist address book checkbox
AXI-1892 WEBMAIL [IE 11] Fix wrong "TAB" key behaviour
AXI-1893 WEBMAIL [IE 11] Fix non-working directional keys behavior
AXI-1894 WEBMAIL Fix mark as read when message is opened with double-click
AXI-1896 WEBMAIL Fix CardDAV incompatibility with iOS & macOS resulting in specific contact email addresses not being shown
AXI-1902 SERVER Fix abort cause in a specific scenario
AXI-1908 SERVER Fix crash cause in a specific scenario
AXI-1913 WEBMAIL Fix issue converting signatures when switching from HTML to plain text
AXI-1915 WEBMAIL Fix incorrect list display inside contacts / notes views when horizontally resizing the browser
AXI-1917 INSTALLER [Windows server 2012 R2] Fix missing Axigen service after upgrading an installation using the MSI installer
AXI-1921 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix non-working attachment upload mask
AXI-1922 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix font family containing spaces / quotes breaking the html body of an email
AXI-1930 WEBMAIL Fix height too big in the contacts list, reading pane right / left
AXI-1934 WEBMAIL Composer: Accept address like user-@domain.tld as email recipients
AXI-1935 WEBADMIN Fix issue preventing users with French keyboard layouts to input digits
AXI-1936 WEBMAIL Fix address book contacts incorrect parsing for contacts with quotes in their name part
AXI-1942 WEBADMIN Increase the default file upload limit to 128 MB to allow Outlook Connector upgrade kits to be uploaded without configuration changes
AXI-1943 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix issue resulting in existing body text disappearing on blur (e.g. moving the focus to the subject field) when composing in text mode
AXI-1944 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix issue preventing users to us certain characters in the To / Cc fields
AXI-1946 WEBMAIL Fix redir.hsp not supporting URLs starting with "//"
AXI-1951 WEBMAIL Fix special characters input in Subject field for Polish keyboard users when the Ctrl+S shortcut is enabled
AXI-1966 WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in WebMail not showing attachments messages with a specific structure
AXI-1983 ACTIVESYNC Fix sync issues caused by a specific message
AXI-1984 WEBMAIL [IE 11] Fix default language detection not working properly
AXI-1991 WEBMAIL Fix issue not displaying inline images added with Outlook when "No filtering" level is used in Axigen
AXI-2000 WEBMAIL Fix treeGrid visual issue when opening / closing other users' folders
AXI-2010 WEBMAIL Composer (contacts): Fix Birthday date field trigger button position not over the date field calendar icon
AXI-2011 WEBMAIL Notes (list): Fix the Notes search field display on RTL
AXI-2014 WEBMAIL Contacts: Fix issue not showing the contact photo for contacts without name & email
AXI-2019 WEBMAIL [Chrome 60] Fix Webmail infinite loop during login
AXI-2052 WEBMAIL Fix issue printing mail content twice for specific messages
AXI-2073 WEBMAIL Fix issue (Javascript error) importing contacts in an existing contacts folder
AXI-2145 WEBMAIL Composer (email): Fix issue truncating HTML content when sending / saving messages with specific characters
AXI-2147 WEBMAIL Escape the "m" URL parameter
AXI-2152 WEBADMIN Fix non-working rule priority in specific scenarios
AXI-2219 WEBMAIL Fix attachments archive (download all) permissions on Linux
AXI-2236 WEBMAIL Allow the usage of specific special characters in the sending email address

Outlook Connector

AXI-2118 OLK Improve the synchronization window display and logic

AXI-1806 OLK Fix new special folder (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Task) sync when the new special folder was created in Webmail
AXI-1844 OLK Fix search by attachment name
AXI-1904 OLK [Windows 10] Fix issue resulting in Outlook not closing
AXI-1989 OLK Fix issue causing Inbox messages not to be visible in HTML format after Office update
AXI-2049 OLK Fix non-working search in message body
AXI-1537 OLK Fix wrong UID change when accepting an invite

New Platforms & Clients Support

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3
Suse Linux Enterprise 12
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
Debian 9

Additional Notes & Upgrade Information

  • With the X2 upgrade, a new default setting will take effect for each domain — automatically purging messages older than 30 days from the Trash and Spam folders.
  • Axigen X2 has an upgraded Cyren AntiVirus & AntiSpam engine and no longer includes the legacy Commtouch engine. If you are currently using Axigen with Commtouch, you will need to disable Commtouch and enable the new Cyren filter
  • A small number of customers with old Commtouch licenses will require a new X2 license for Cyren to work. Contact us to request a new X2 license

Known Issues

  • Delivery Status Notifications are currently not functional when requesting them via Outlook Connector.
  • The post-installation Axigen Configuration Wizard is sometimes rendered incorrectly when installing Axigen on Ubuntu 18. A work-around is available here
  • The new profile creation in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 is sometimes generating an error. This can be avoided by running "Troubleshoot Compatibility".