Introducing Axigen X

Category: Product Releases
Published on March 30, 2016

Axigen X is the first version to contain feature complete 64 bit support for all binaries (including the Kaspersky AntiVirus and AntiSpam servers).
32 bit binaries will no longer be provided.

It also contains:

  • partial IPv6 support (all incoming services are IPv6 enabled, the SMTP outgoing service can be configured to make use of the IPv6 network)
  • a number of WebMail improvements (such as support for multiple signatures, support for undo when deleting or moving messages)
  • WebAdmin improvements and new features, including branding support for WebMail services and SNI support for HTTPS WebMail virtual hosts
  • support for Kaspersky Antivirus / AntiSpam protection for public folders

Axigen Mail Server

New Features
[1000] SERVER IPv6 partial support
[AXI-0766] SERVER Introduce email rejection / attachment replacement based on attachment type
[1001] FILTERS KAS / KAV SDK update, 64 bit native binaries
[AXI-0663] WEBMAIL Support multiple signatures on up to 1 MB in total size
[AXI-0133] WEBMAIL Thumbnails in mail items and address book
[AXI-0722] WEBMAIL Branding API
[AXI-0102] WEBMAIL Support for UNDO when moving or deleting messages
[1002] WEBMAIL MOBILE Redesign

[3003] SERVER Protect public folders with KAS/KAVBug Fixes
[AXI-0937] SERVER HTTPs SNI support
[2793] SERVER IMAP Localized folder names (IMAP XLIST / partial RFC 6154 support)
[AXI-0953] SERVER IMAP Automatically subscribe to standard folders (including automatically created archive folders)
[AXI-0672] WEBADMIN HTTPs certificate management
[AXI-390] WEBADMIN Hide EXPIRED license status & warnings for add-ons that had never been acquired before
[AXI-1073] WEBADMIN WEBMAIL Control search engine indexing via robots.txt
[AXI-0770] WEBADMIN Introduce log files filtering options
[AXI-0802] WEBADMIN Show by default more records per page in domains, accounts, etc.
[AXI-0997] WEBADMIN Enable groupware by default for newly created domains (if the license contains groupware)
[AXI-0936] WEBMAIL HTTP to HTTPs redirect
[AXI-0744] WEBMAIL Mark as read options
[AXI-0534] WEBMAIL Archiving folder date based hierarchy
[AXI-1070] WEBMAIL Improve 404 error handling
[AXI-0554] WEBMAIL Choose sender from drop-down when being allowed to send emails from multiple addresses
[AXI-1138] WEBMAIL Add all contact folders to address book
[AXI-0646] WEBMAIL Introduce sort by Flag, by Size & by To in the mail list
[AXI-0989] WEBMAIL Show headers in the source view for emails too big to display entirely
[AXI-0562] WEBMAIL Show week numbers in calendar day / week view
[AXI-0865] WEBMAIL Perform mobile detection & redirect in the authenticated context
[AXI-0857] WEBMAIL Display all breaking lines in the body (calendar composer)
[AXI-0904] WEBMAIL Make the text colors of the dark tooltips whiter (more contrasting)
[AXI-0961] WEBMAIL New language translation: DUTCH
[AXI-0891] WEBMAIL New language translation: NORWEGIAN; revised language translation: ITALIAN
[AXI-0635] WEBMAIL After quick search (as you type), keep the focus in the field even after displaying the results
[AXI-0910] WEBMAIL Improved sidebar contrast
[AXI-0134] WEBMAIL Introduce WebMail shortcuts compatibility with Mac / OS X
[AXI-0705] WEBMAIL Transformed read receipt confirmation from lightbox to itip-like message
[AXI-0626] WEBMAIL Add option to display text labels for sidebar buttons
[AXI-0965] WEBMAIL Change visual effect turning events to white background when cell behind gets selected (calendar / week view)
[AXI-0982] WEBMAIL Apply a localized sorting algorithm for the languages drop-down list
[AXI-0959] WEBMAIL Hide the iCal section from Settings / Info when for users who don't have the rights to use it
[AXI-0950] WEBMAIL Localize "Loading" text in loading mask
[AXI-1006] WEBMAIL Introduce multi-language login page
[AXI-1010] WEBMAIL Eliminate the need for each end user to clear cache on upgrade
[AXI-0613] WEBMAIL Introduce multiple themes support
[AXI-0745] WEBMAIL MOBILE Introduce attachments in composer
[AXI-0536] WEBMAIL MOBILE Introduce the ability to configure out-of-office messages
[3360] SNMP support for proxy services
[AXI-0640] TOOLS KAS and KAV server automatically update signatures at startup

Bug Fixes
[3527] SERVER Fixed errors logged on server console
[3526] SERVER Fixed WebMail contacts management crash
[3521] SERVER Support for DNS TXT TCP queries when UDP answer indicates trunctation
[1000] SERVER Fixed an ActiveSync triggered crash
[3253] SERVER Fixed crash caused by TNEF encoded attachments using PT_TNEF_UNSPECIFIED
[3468] SERVER Fixed deadlock in move message operation
[3447] SERVER Fixed deadlock when editing a domain's storage set
[3467] SERVER Avoid deadlock in FUSE unmount
[3465] SERVER Fixed crash scenario related to adding a new mailbox while a search is in progress
[3423] SERVER Fixed crash scenario
[3397] SERVER Avoid high CPU usage scenario triggered by Milter related infinite loop
[3360] SERVER SNMP support for proxy services
[3416] SERVER Rewrote checkSPF SMTP filters function to remove side effects
[3276] SERVER Expunge deleted items when mailbox is accessed via ActiveSync
[3383] SERVER Change the POP3 parser to be more lenient when parsing whitespace commands
[3368] SERVER Fixed issue in the DNR module where a SERVFAIL answer was improperly processed
[3428] SERVER Change security log separator to allow parsing IPv6 addresses
[3427] SERVER Fixed issue with mailing list header rewrite when list name contains UTF8 chars
[3393] SERVER Fixed basic accounts acting as premium accounts in trial version
[3358] SERVER Fixed issue with sockets not timing out when SSL handshake is not initiated by client
[3377] SERVER Fixed crash scenario triggered by migration errors
[3380] SERVER Fixed crash scenario related to deleting containers
[3410] SERVER Fixed leak scenario
[AXI-1081] SERVER Fixed Windows/x64 hang scenario
[AXI-0763] SERVER Fixed basic accounts being allowed to have premium add-ons in trial (leading to conflicts after trial)
[AXI-0808] SERVER Fixed WebMail memory leak in specific scenario
[3413] CLUSTER Fixed auto-migration in cluster issue due to invalid setting of available backend services
[3353] CLUSTER Fixed issue with changes in available services not being advertised from the backend to the frontend
[3211] CLUSTER Fixed issue with NOOP password change triggering unnecessary backend to frontend updates
[AXI-1169] WEBADMIN Fixed Routing Basic Settings domain specific configuration edit issue
[AXI-1167] WEBADMIN Fixed KAV & KAS issues resulting in not refreshing the page when clicking the refresh link in the update info message
[AXI-1165] WEBADMIN Fixed issue showing KAV / KAS update time without specifying the time zone
[AXI-0659] WEBADMIN Fixed not visible LDAP connector save button
[AXI-0858] WEBADMIN Fixed inconsistence between Webadmin and CLI about maxSubdomains
[AXI-0878] WEBADMIN Fixed issue calculating total message storage size in domain
[AXI-0976] WEBADMIN Fixed domain, account, group selection via keyboard navigation on quick search results
[AXI-1059] WEBMAIL Fixed sound on new email
[AXI-1049] WEBMAIL Fixed issues with login page for RTL languages
[AXI-1025] WEBMAIL Fixed issue with attachments being discarded when saving drafts
[AXI-1023] WEBMAIL Fixed issue with pagination not being visible in iOS Chrome and Safari
[AXI-1011] WEBMAIL Fixed upload attachment issue for emails with diacritical marks
[AXI-1010] WEBMAIL Fixed issue resulting in contact loosing phone number in WebMail / WebMail Mobile interaction
[AXI-0967] WEBMAIL Fixed crash triggered by certain messages
[AXI-1233] WEBMAIL Fixed broken forgot username and forgot password links on separate rows in the login page in Safari OS X
[AXI-1015] WEBMAIL Fixed import contacts in new folder
[AXI-1166] WEBMAIL Fixed address book size
[3457] WEBMAIL Fixed hang scenario
[AXI-1116] WEBMAIL Fixed issue allowing users to add images into plain text signatures
[AXI-1144] WEBMAIL Fixed issue when assigning folder permissions using the postmaster account
[AXI-0759] WEBMAIL Fixed issue displaying contacts in the email list after opening a contact by clicking an email recipient
[AXI-0817] WEBMAIL Fixed not working 'OK' button in the 'Check availability' window
[AXI-0807] WEBMAIL Fixed availability time interval not in sync with original meeting time interval
[AXI-1072] WEBMAIL Fixed non-working "Create new filter..." option when right clicking on sender or recipient(s)
[AXI-1089] WEBMAIL Fixed issue saving multiple drafts when composing emails with attachments
[AXI-0636] WEBMAIL Fixed issue not allowing signature save for signatures with inline images created in Firefox
[AXI-0612] WEBMAIL Fixed attachments not visible in specific emails
[AXI-0653] WEBMAIL Fixed visual issue in Settings / Sharing when having 3 or more accounts in the list
[AXI-0695] WEBMAIL Fixed wrong calendar object height calculation in day / week view
[AXI-0696] WEBMAIL Fixed free / busy status (in "Show as" menu) not saved (calendar composer)
[AXI-0837] WEBMAIL Fixed not visible last lines of the email source (covered by the download source container)
[AXI-0859] WEBMAIL Fixed reading pane switch button appearing in composers
[AXI-0855] WEBMAIL Fixed JPG attachment not being displayed
[AXI-0702] WEBMAIL Fixed inline images pasted in WebMail and not displayed in Thunderbird
[AXI-0892] WEBMAIL Fixed composer issue when forwarding a specific message
[AXI-0839] WEBMAIL Fixed issue not displaying an attachment in a specific forwarded message
[AXI-0838] WEBMAIL Fixed incorrect Spanish translation for "ComposerInvalidAddressError"
[AXI-0942] WEBMAIL Fixed empty Move / Copy dialog when one of the frequent folder names was numeric
[AXI-0931] WEBMAIL Fixed French translation for "STGInvalidPassword"
[AXI-0932] WEBMAIL Fixed several French translations ("STGLettersAndNumbers", "STGLetters" & "STGLettersNumbersAndChars")
[AXI-0979] WEBMAIL Fixed a previously non-translatable string appearing when assigning a task to multiple people
[AXI-0978] WEBMAIL Fixed a previously non-translatable string ("Uploading...")
[AXI-0975] WEBMAIL Fixed task update NDR messages when the task was assigned to the owner
[AXI-0970] WEBMAIL Fixed subject translation & encoding issues of task request iTips for tasks with no summary assigned to other users
[AXI-0981] WEBMAIL Fixed application non reloading after a time format change
[AXI-0983] WEBMAIL Fixed issue not having the "search in subfolders" option available in Advanced search / Choose folders
[AXI-0988] WEBMAIL Fixed settings language list being too small to accommodate longer language names
[AXI-0958] WEBMAIL Fixed stuck file upload on WebMail Proxy for attachments bigger in size than the allowed limit
[AXI-0977] WEBMAIL Fixed messages in the "Sent" folder not visible in specific scenario
[AXI-0674] WEBMAIL Fixed non working frequent folders logic
[AXI-0807] WEBMAIL STANDARD Fixed issue not displaying any calendar events in week, work week & day views
[AXI-1009] WEBMAIL MOBILE Display search field and back button after a search with no results
[AXI-0794] WEBMAIL MOBILE Fixed emails not being deleted from drafts upon sending
[3453] ACTIVESYNC Compatibility change when collection id attribute is missing from a search operation
[2406] ACTIVESYNC Skip Collected Addresses folder when syncing contacts
[AXI-1041] ACTIVESYNC Fixed potential memory corruption scenario

Outlook Connector

Bug Fixes
[1669] OLK Fixed issue in auto discovery
[AXI-1055] OLK Fixed periodic system tray notification “You have been disconnected from server”
[AXI-0996] OLK OLK Fixed free / busy information unavailable in Outlook 2013 and 2016
[AXI-1194] OLK Fixed issue causing Outlook crash while syncing when the mailbox had a folder name with any character taking more than 1 byte
[AXI-0761] OLK Fixed issue replying if a recipient had a name with a German umlaut
[AXI-0876] OLK Fixed issues with Chinese characters
[AXI-0994] OLK Fixed Synchronization status window quickly flashing when sending messages
[AXI-0995] OLK FIxed notification settings reset when adjusting Axigen Outlook Connector Properties