New AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0.1 Released

Category: Product Releases
Published on April 02, 2008

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are proud to announce the commercial release of a new AXIGEN Mail Server version. Then new 6.0.1 version comes with important new features, enhancements and fixes.

In order to upgrade, please visit the Downloads area on our website at and select the desired product kit.

For a detailed description of version 6.0.1 enhancements, please see the list below.

Best regards,

1. New Features & Enhancements

-SMTP: All emails sent with AXIGEN (including WebMail & Sendmail binary generated mails) are now filtered using Acceptance&Routing Rules (including Milter filtering).
-CORE: All paths in AXIGEN are now either absolute or relative to the working directory (including domain related paths).
-WEBMAIL: Improvements have been made to the calendar management engine in correlation with shared folders and shared calendaring.
-WEBMAIL: Two new search criteria are now available in WebMail, namely "Attachment Name" and "Anywhere"
-CLI: Domain object filters can now be set to explicit by the add, remove, update commands. The action of setting them to explicit also results in copying filters from their inherited level.

2. Bugfixes

-WEBMAIL: Some messages broke the WebMail message list view.
-CORE: Loading a domain with many temporary email addresses is now significantly faster.
-CALENDAR: Some task details in Outlook were deleted when editing the task from WebMail.
-SMTP: Errors were not logged when the security certificate could not be loaded.
-CLI: Fixed an inconsistent behavior when actions(add,update, remove) were taken on inherited domain object filters.
-WEBADMIN: The same nameserver cannot be added more than once now.
-WEBMAIL: When using Firefox 2, the "View Source" button was not properly displayed for some emails.
-WEBMAIL: When using Firefox on Linux, the Browse and Upload buttons were overlapping.
-MAPI: After adding a single character in the rules wizard, the action/condition could not be edited.
-FTP-BACKUP: A problem that prevented backing-up contacts with pictures was fixed.
-MAPI: If the server replied with a 5xx/4xx error, when delivering a message, Outlook timed-out.
-CORE: The catch-all account is now working properly.
-WEBADMIN: Processing NDR settings were not recognized after an upgrade from version 5.x .
-PROXY: If the interface through which the connection comes-in does not have a defined default domain and there is no default global domain, the username is now left unchanged (not fully-qualified).
-WEBADMIN: The WebAdmin filters wizard did not load correctly the smtpFilters script.
-WEBMAIL: Supported languages are now synchronized between WebAdmin and WebMail.