New AXIGEN Mail Server 7.3.1 Released

Category: Product Releases
Published on January 13, 2010

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are glad to announce that we have just released the commercial version of AXIGEN Mail Server 7.3.1. This fresh release mainly corrects a series of issues from the previous AXIGEN versions, for the most part related to the Ajax WebMail Interface, while also adding minor changes pertaining to the Command Line Interface, filters and IMAP.

For details on all the changes introduced by version 7.3.1 of our messaging solution, please see the list below.

As always, you can begin the upgrade to the new 7.3.1 release of AXIGEN Mail Server and Outlook Connector by simply visiting the Downloads Area on our website and selecting the desired product kits.

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major AXIGEN version and the one preceding it are supported. For example, at this moment, only version 7.x and 6.x products are supported, while the assistance for older versions is discontinued.

Should you like further details on our new AXIGEN 7.3.1 version, or should you be interested in other types of license upgrades or renewals, please feel free to contact our Sales Team at:

Best Regards,

New Features
- CLI: A new command has been added in the 'domain' context: 'PURGE disposableMetadata searchIndexes|sortIndexes|normalizedMessages.'

Bugfixes from the previous version
- WEBMAIL: The 'Bcc' header now appears in the source of a sent email message.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Emptying folders is now completed successfully.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Searching messages with 'Normal' importance level is now completed successfully.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: When composing an e-mail message, the list of attachments is refreshed after the session expires.
- FILTERS: Identity confirmation emails can be signed by the DomainKeys signer.
- USERDB: All the new attributes from the 7.3 version are now mapped with the ones from LDAP.
- IMAP: The search returns the correct results when inspecting if a mail has attachments.
- Outlook Connector: Editing filters is now completed successfully without any errors or crashes.