Announcing Axigen X2 Update 2

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Published on October 11, 2018

Axigen X2 Update 2 brings numerous improvements for admins and end users alike. Here's the detailed change log, along with the info you need to know when upgrading.

Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Axigen Mail Server

AXI-2313 TNEF Messages Decoder (winmail.dat attachments) — New Axigen TNEF Decoder application and integrated filter

AXI-2239 WEBMAIL Introduce a new calendar event duplication contextual menu option
AXI-2247 SERVER Allow admins to disallow alias logins
AXI-2308 WEBADMIN Allow admins to force users to change their password at the next login
AXI-2309 WEBADMIN Allow admins to set a password expiration date
AXI-2310 WEBADMIN Manage Public Folders of any type from WebAdmin
AXI-2314 WEBMAIL Create a new event, task, or note from an existing email
AXI-2405 WEBADMIN Make the left menu sticky and keep its previous scroll position when changing sections
AXI-2433 WEBADMIN Configure Axigen Migrator directly from WebAdmin (eliminate the need to manually edit the config.toml file and allow the migrator to work with different source server settings for each domain)

AXI-0000 SERVER Add a new logging module for diagnosing Calendar API parse failures
AXI-2346 SERVER Update timezone database to 2018e
AXI-2368 WEBMAIL Composer (Email): Correct recipient addresses on reply / reply all in specfic scenario
AXI-2378 WEBADMIN Add a "Configure" button for the Cyren integrated filter
AXI-2407 WEBMAIL Save single user permissions when saving without hitting the "Add" button
AXI-2423 WEBADMIN Remove the Enable I/O Synchronization option

AXI-0000 SERVER Improve diagnostics when the Calendar API fails to parse a message
AXI-0000 SERVER Fixes POP3 RFC compliance issue by acquiring exclusive lock on a mailbox after authentication
AXI-1496 SERVER Fixes relatedAttachments LDAP sync
AXI-2310 SERVER Fixes error when changing resource access permissions in bulk
AXI-1649 WEBADMIN Fixes wrong error when deleting a service listener access control rule
AXI-2039 STANDARD WEBMAIL Fixes broken "Mark complete" icon in the tasks dialog on some of the themes
AXI-2040 STANDARD WEBMAIL By default, add the signature above the original message when replying to or forwarding a message
AXI-2148 SERVER Fixes the autoresponder rule priority
AXI-2326 WEBADMIN Fixes domains/accounts/groups search results display issue
AXI-2327 WEBADMIN Fixes branding not displaying the alternate favicon when the main favicon is uploaded
AXI-2328 WEBADMIN Fixes a display issue of the change folder button in Domains & Accounts → Manage Domains → Edit a domain → General → Catch-all
AXI-2332 WEBADMIN Fixes a display issue of the "Add nameserver" tooltip dialog
AXI-2379 WEBADMIN Fixes an erroneous failure message shown instead of success message when whitelisting / de-whitelisting an email address
AXI-2390 WEBADMIN Fixes a wrong error message instead of success message when deleting listener level Access Control Rules
AXI-2392 WEBADMIN Fixes domain list pagination currently also taking into account the disabled domains
AXI-2394 WEBADMIN Fixes domain list pagination in domain admin limits currently also taking into account the disabled domains
AXI-2396 WEBADMIN Fixes non-working "Read only" status for message storage in Domain admin limits
AXI-2416 WEBMAIL Fixes broken note subject when creating it by the 'Share via email' feature

Outlook Connector

Coming soon — will be released separately.

Coming soon — will be released separately.

Included From 10.2.1.x Updates

AXI-0000 Fixes two memory / storage leak scenarios
AXI-0000 SERVER Fixes a POP3 locking issue
AXI-0000 CALDAV Avoid parsing non calendar items when PROPFINDing on INBOX.
AXI-0000 Use all URIs when attempting to authenticate against LDAP
AXI-0000 Fixes IPv6 parsing in SMTP EHLO commands.
AXI-0000 Fixes external migration command failure due to file name overwrite
AXI-0000 Fixes a leak that used to appear when rebind failed during SMTP Out delivery
AXI-0000 Continuous auto-migration improvements when performed under heavy load.
AXI-0000 Fixes the event cancellation when the event time is modified from WebMail.
AXI-0000 Fixes an ActiveSync generated crash in a specific scenario
AXI-0000 Fixes a WebAdmin generated crash in a specific scenario involving a Kaspersky service shut down
AXI-0000 CALDAV Fixes an erroneous event cancellation scenario when the event time is modified from WebMail
AXI-0000 Fixes a severe issue where filters are lost in WebAdmin if the server contains a definition for a Milter type filter
AXI-0000 Fixes an issue with continuous migration when performed under heavy load on accounts with large mailboxes
AXI-0000 AUTO-MIGRATION Logs the complete command used when invoking the Axigen Migrator
AXI-1000 AUTO-MIGRATION Always uses the full email address (account@domain.tld) when calling the Axigen Migrator.
AXI-1001 AUTO-MIGRATION Only call the Axigen Migrator after local or remote password validation.
AXI-1842 Fixes an issue resulting in temporary files being accumulated in the queue.
AXI-2153 When creating a mailing list automatically create the Spam folder
AXI-2236 Permit IPv6 address in EHLO even when the protocol type tag is missing
AXI-2251 Fixes a calendar issue when the iTip is processed by the server or by another client
AXI-2323 AUTO-MIGRATION Fixes an auto migration issue from Oracle Communications Messaging Server.
AXI-2339 CALDAV Fixes synchronization issues with events edited in Public Folders
AXI-2340 Fixes an SMTP routing issue when overrideClusterRouting was unset.
AXI-2343 Fixes restoring WAFilter from a CLI command.
AXI-2345 Fixes an issue where restoring WAFilter via FTP/FUSE did not activate the filter being restored
AXI-2348 Add a new CLI command that archives old message item
AXI-2349 Add new CLI commands for inspecting WebMail UI settings
AXI-2352 Purge calendar meta information along with purging disposable metadata
AXI-2353 Fixes errors when a CalDAV client attempts to change the recurrence rule for an event
AXI-2354 Relaxes validation on DTSTAMP on VEVENT components that define recurrence exceptions
AXI-2355 Purge canonized slot streams along with purging disposable metadata
AXI-2356 Fixes an unsupported recurrence rule in Calendar API
AXI-2357 Fixes the DAV tracer not showing some HTTP errors
AXI-2359 Fix wrong search index size reported by the CLI
AXI-2408 Fixes an issue with auto-restarting services on Let's Encrypt certificates auto-renewal, in case the previous the certificate was applied on WebMail / WebMail Proxy virtual host
AXI-2417 Fixes a Reverse DNS check issue
AXI-2419 Fixes a crash cause generated by an ActiveSync search operation in a specific scenario.
AXI-2419 Fixes crash caused by an ActiveSync client that sends a search GAL request with an empty criteria
AXI-2426 Fixes a buffer overflow scenario when writing iTIP for some calendar messages
AXI-2426 Fixes a buffer overflow scenario when saving large notes from WebMail
AXI-2429 Fixes an SMTP issue when client issues EHLO with IPv4 wrapped in IPv6 address

AXI-0000 Changes the default footer value for DSN notifications
AXI-0000 Restyles the access control add / edit floating panels to fit IPv6 addresses.
AXI-0000 Corrects the table columns alignment in the Clustering section; also corrects the "Add Frontend" / "Add Backend" floating panel positions.
AXI-0000 Correctly places the "Max files" field in the Domain admin limits.
AXI-0000 Fine tunes the vertical alignment of the access control buttons.
AXI-0000 Fixes non-working Delivery Status Notifications editing.
AXI-0000 Fixes a number of incorrectly displayed visual elements
AXI-0000 DNSBL table columns alignment
AXI-0000 Attachment Filtering & Incoming Message Rules table columns alignment
AXI-0000 Wrongly styled success message in Security & Filtering → View Quarantine
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Mailing Lists → edit a mailing list → Subscription and Posting → Message templates
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Manage Domains → Edit a domain → Account Defaults → Quotas and Restrictions → Enable password expiration info message
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Manage Accounts → Edit an account → Quotas and Restrictions → Enable password expiration info message
AXI-0000 Fixes an issue with the inheritance of the auto-purge parameters configuration.
AXI-0000 Fixes the CIDR notations in WebAdmin
AXI-0000 Fixes an SMTP Policy rule creation error when using a CIDR notation with an IPv6 address block
AXI-0000 Fixes an erroneous search result showing up from time to time when performing an account search
AXI-0000 Corrects the alignment of the columns in a few tables in the interface:
AXI-0000 Security & Filtering → Global Access Control → Access Restrictions
AXI-0000 Status & Monitoring → Reporting Service → SNMP Parameters → Existing SNMP Trap Destinations
AXI-0000 Security & Filtering → Additional AntiSpam Methods → BlackList
AXI-0000 Security & Filtering → Additional AntiSpam Methods → Country Filtering → Safe IPs
AXI-0000 Security & Filtering → Additional AntiSpam Methods → DNSBL → Safe IPs
AXI-0000 Security & Filtering → Additional AntiSpam Methods → AntiSpam Configuration → WhiteList
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Manage Domains → Edit domain → Send / Receive Restrictions
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Manage Accounts → Edit account → Send / Receive Restrictions
AXI-0000 Domains & Accounts → Account Classes → Edit account class → Send / Receive Restrictions
AXI-1503 Fixes failure to save password recovery email templates file names
AXI-2334 Fixes the wrong alignment of the confirmation / error message box in the Mailing Lists context
AXI-2336 Updates the user interface style in a number of contexts:
AXI-2329 Fixes the delete button alignment in the domain aliases table.
AXI-2293 Fixes an issue setting / resetting auto-purge parameters.
AXI-2294 Fixes relay IP addresses not being displayed.

AXI-0000 Fixes an issue resulting in the attachment being replaced by the signature image when forwarding specific messages.
AXI-0000 Fixes an issue resulting in the attachments not being displayed for specific messages.
AXI-0000 Fixes an error appearing in some scenarios when deleting Calendar, Tasks, Notes, or Contacts folders.
AXI-0000 Decreases the email send time for emails with signatures containing inline images ().
AXI-0000 Fixes wrong address auto-completion in the composers for recipients that had non latin characters in their names
AXI-0000 Fixes an issue resulting in deleted calendar folders being shown in the available calendar folders list when creating a new event
AXI-0000 Fixes non-synchronized date when creating a new event by double clicking a selected interval in the Month view.
AXI-0000 Fixes an issue resulting in a non-working sharing menu
AXI-0000 Corrects wrong "Inbox" translation in Hungarian
AXI-0000 HTTP requests performance enhancements
AXI-0000 Rephrases the text label for including address book addresses into the Whitelist
AXI-0000 Composer (All): Fixes the validation of mailboxes with local parts containing the "/" character
AXI-0000 Fixes the Whitelist sync logic for the "Include addresses in my address book" option
AXI-0000 Hides the reminders list when clicking on a mail item or email composer behind it.
AXI-0000 Fixes uncontrolled refreshes of the interface in specific scenarios.
AXI-0000 Optimizes the active recipients logic:
AXI-0000 Fixes the active recipients tooltip activation logic by implementing a delay for the SOAP request
AXI-0000 Implements the RecipientInfo cache mechanics by using the existing AddressBookList cache provider
AXI-0000 Fixes the active recipient tooltips by allowing the tooltip to still be displayed when hovering the mouse over the tooltip body
AXI-0000 Significant performance improvement when using a domain with large configuration (e.g. send restrictions) under high concurrency conditions
AXI-0000 Emails list: Fixes the arrows of the context menu sometimes overlapping the text
AXI-0000 Emails list: Fixes the "Clear flag" sub-menu icon of the "Flag" context menu not being shown on right-to-left languages
AXI-1467 Fixes an issue sharing folder or mailbox in a specific scenario.
AXI-1468 Composer (Email): Fixes original message not being quoted when replying as plain text to HTML only messages.
AXI-2110 Defaults the new task date selection to today instead of 01/01/1970.
AXI-2146 Removes iCal information from Settings → Info.
AXI-2190 Fixes non-working Calendar invites for groups without members (distribute to an entire domain).
AXI-2264 Fixes non-working interface loading when the username part contains "&".
AXI-2297 Allows the deletion of folders with conflicting names by renaming them when moved to Trash.
AXI-2295 Shows more verbose error messages in some situations when emails can't be sent.
AXI-2302 Emails List: Shows the start and end date of the calendar invites in the body snippet using the user's time zone instead of GMT.
AXI-2316 Fixes a validation issue when creating new event with specific properties.
AXI-2319 Calendar (Day View, Week View): Fixes all-day recurring events not showing instance / series dialog when being opened.
AXI-2320 Delete recurring events in the calendar views
AXI-2321 Calendar (All Views): Reintroduces the recurrence exception icon.
AXI-2358 Fixes an issue showing an extra occurrence in series for specific events
AXI-2370 Improves the WebMail responsiveness when sending emails to very large distribution lists.

AXI-0000 OUTLOOK CONNECTOR Fixes an issue causing Outlook to incorrectly display specific messages.
AXI-0000 OUTLOOK CONNECTOR Fixes a synchronization loop in case of multiple messages (more than 1024) deletion.
AXI-0000 MOBILE WEBMAIL Introduces pagination in the contacts list (beyond 50 contacts).

Additional Notes & Upgrade Information

  • When upgrading to Axigen X2 Update 2, a new filter and external service for the Axigen TNEF Decoder will be added and enabled by default.
  • If you have an in-place integration with MimeDefang or a similar tool for TNEF decoding, we strongly recommend you to disable that filter before upgrading to Axigen X2 Update 2.
  • Here you can find instructions on how to upgrade from Axigen X2 to Axigen X2 Update 2

Known Issues

  • Creating and managing Public Folders from WebAdmin by delegated administrators will be addressed in Axigen X3.