Axigen 10.1.5 Release Update

Category: Product Releases
Published on November 28, 2017

We are happy to announce the release of a new minor version, Axigen 10.1.5.
This version comes with number of small features, enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes, as well as support for openSUSE Leap 42.2 and 42.3.
For a detailed list of what's included in 10.1.5, please consult the list below.

Features, Performance Improvements, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Axigen Mail Server

[AXI-1857] SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Implement support for defaultLanguage, autodetectLanguage and allowedLanguages, as well as initial regional settings at global level and domain level

Performance Improvements
[AXI-2096] SERVER Limit volatile data cleanup to max. one thread per domain; do not lock WM session cache while one WM session is deleted
[AXI-2027] WEBMAIL Shorten the send time when the recipient is a large distribution list

[AXI-1966] SERVER Added CLI command to reset attachment and body snippet cached metadata
[AXI-2020] SERVER Use the internal vCard sort index ordering for FirstName sorting; also improve comparison methods for other VCARD orderings
[AXI-2020] SERVER Automatic rebuild of vCard sort indexes due to key comparison method change
[AXI-2038] SERVER Use original folder names for migration in case of local renaming and avoid duplicating emails in certain scenarios
[AXI-1381] SERVER Retry POP3 message retrieval in case of temporary error
[AXI-1863] WEBMAIL Branding: Allow domain administrators to create Branding driven virtual hosts
[AXI-1869] WEBMAIL Settings (add filter): Scroll to the bottom of the conditions / actions list when adding a new item that makes the list scrollable
[AXI-2024] WEBMAIL Hide IE11 clear field button on language selection drop-downs in login page and Settings -> Interface
[AXI-2060] WEBMAIL Address Book: Exclude from the Address Book all the contacts with no email address and are not distribution lists
[AXI-2117] WEBMAIL Pass the email address objects validation for recipient email address containing the ".-." character sequence
[AXI-823] MOBILE WEBMAIL Redirect back to the previous section on out-of-office save & close; show the confirmation on that page

Bug Fixes
[AXI-2082] SERVER Fixed invalid IMAP SEARCH crash
[AXI-2015] SERVER On a frontend in a clustering setup, return temporary errors when account loading is not complete
[AXI-2057] SERVER Update condition that checks day-of-week validity in calendar parser
[AXI-2048] SERVER Fix crash caused by invalid VEVENT UID
[AXI-2027] SERVER Fix abort caused by invalid charset
[AXI-2034] SERVER Fix crash in CalDAV code caused by events in the Tasks folder
[AXI-2028] SERVER Fix crash caused by dismissing alarm for a recurrent calendar event
[AXI-2021] SERVER Avoid crash due to accessing deleted session data objects (race condition in case of many simultaneous webmail logins)
[AXI-1900] WEBADMIN Fix CIDR representation error when editing policy rule
[AXI-1815] WEBMAIL Fix issue opening attachment when forwarding a specific message
[AXI-1868] WEBMAIL Settings (add filter): Don't perform conditions validation when selecting "all incoming emails"
[AXI-1889] WEBMAIL Fix issue transforming inline attachments into regular attachments when opening from Drafts
[AXI-2025] WEBMAIL IE11 Fix message composer fields misalignment for Slovak and Czech languages
[AXI-2042] WEBMAIL Fix issue parsing specific contacts resulting in invalid contact list
[AXI-2051] WEBMAIL Fix sudden WebMail disconnect in specific scenario
[AXI-2059] WEBMAIL Contacts (List): Fix javascript error thrown in the contacts list for contact folders with more than 50 items
[AXI-2091] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix changing text background colour sometimes requiring multiple clicks
[AXI-2092] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix the key behaviour after applying background color to text
[AXI-2093] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix caret issue when adding text background color to multiple rows
[AXI-2106] WEBMAIL Fix RTL formatting for sent messages that contain mixed English and Arabic / Persian words
[AXI-2094] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix composer issue when changing the text background color for all rows
[AXI-2130] WEBMAIL SAFARI Correctly align "+ Add" buttons in multiple screens in settings
[AXI-1800] MOBILE WEBMAIL Fix Mobile "User / Group Permission" visual bug
[AXI-1801] MOBILE WEBMAIL Fix Webmail Mobile messages list when a certain type of message is present in the Inbox folder

Outlook Connector

Enhancements & Bug Fixes
[AXI-1806] OLK Instantly sync special folders (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks) when created in Webmail
[AXI-2036] OLK Fix Outlook Connector crash generated by specific event
[AXI-2098] OLK Fix issue resulting in Calendar events being deleted on Outlook Connector + ActiveSync access

New Platforms & Clients Support

[AXI-1000] openSUSE Leap 42.2
[AXI-1000] openSUSE Leap 42.3

Known Issues

For Axigen licenses with newly acquired Cyren AntiVirus & AntiSpam, the Cyren setup requires a manual procedure. This will be addressed in Axigen X2. Meanwhile, please contact our support team — they will assist you with the necessary steps.

When upgrading the Outlook Connector from versions prior to 10.1.4 to Outlook Connector 10.1.5, Outlook will display a "version mismatch" warning window. Just hit "OK" to continue — this will not have any negative effects on your Outlook Connector installation.