Introducing Axigen iX

Category: Product Releases
Published on June 25, 2015

Dear Axigen Friends,
We are pleased to announce that we have just released the new major version Axigen iX.

This version introduces an important number of enhancements and bug fixes, thus allowing us to provide our end customers with a more stable & secure product.

To see all that's new in iX, please consult the detailed list below.

Download Axigen iX

Please note that, according to our technical support policy, only the current major Axigen version and the one preceding it are supported (i.e. at this moment, only the 9.0.x and 8.2 product versions are eligible for receiving technical assistance).


Important note for customers upgrading from a previous version: Axigen iX contains changes to one storage parameter.

As part of Axigen iX the maxFileSize storage parameter value has changed from 256 Mb to 1 Gb.

This parameter refers to the maximum file size in a certain storage location. This parameter can be edited in the WebAdmin interface.

There are three situations in which your existing configuration may be affected and you should review it: for domains created by the wizard at installation time, for domains created via the CLI while omitting maxFileSize and finally for storages added manually in axigen.cfg while omitting maxFileSize.

We therefore recommend that after the upgrade to Axigen iX you should review the Storage tab by editing all the domains configured on your server(s) and make sure the storage allocation is consistent with your intended one.


Axigen Mail Server

New features
- [AXI-0001] WEBMAIL Interface redesign
- [AXI-0195] WEBADMIN Interface repaint
- [3233] SERVER Contact sharing via CardDAV

- [3335] SERVER Supervisor now forcibly kills a non responding child if communication times out
- [3317] SERVER Rewrite mailing list headers for DMARC compliance
- [AXI-0264] SERVER Fixed interoperability issue when processing calendar replies from Outlook 365.
- [3009] SERVER Improved linux init.d script
- [3287] SERVER Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1m
- [3200] SERVER When restoring a WebMail filter via FTP or FUSE, activate it as soon as it is restored
- [3270] SERVER CLI commands to query the DNS service
- [1987] SERVER CLI DNS empty cache command
- [AXI-0260] SERVER Improve Calendar event cancellation
- [AXI-0041] SERVER Add calendar interoperability with Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook 365
- [3231] CLI Configuration options for mail message indexing
- [3006] SERVER Security log

Bug fixes
- [3350] WEBMAIL Fixed server crash caused by searching headers with empty values
- [3346] CLUSTER Fixed hang at stop scenario by improving domain shutdown logic
- [3341] CLUSTER Fixed FUSE hang caused by deadlock scenario
- [3314] CLUSTER Fixed frontend crash scenario caused by proxy to backend comm failure
- [3271] CLUSTER Fixed group Sieve filter scenario that may appear in multi-backend setups
- [3027] SERVER Always add Message ID to calendar objects
- [AXI-0161] CLI New administrative commands for handling search and sort indexes
- [3325] SERVER Fixed leak scenario in the reporting module
- [3329] SERVER Fixed an issue with SORT indexes that caused failure to stop
- [2289] ACTIVESYNC Fixed issue with calendar reminders not being sent when logging in via ActiveSync
- [3007] KIT Fixed issue with overwriting SA configuration file when upgrading
- [3150] SERVER Fixed issue with ActiveSync Android synchronisation that caused Contacts to be synced to Collected Addresses folder
- [3289] WEBADMIN Fine grained SSL configuration in smtpFilters for STARTTLS outgoing mail traffic
- [3288] WEBADMIN Fine grained SSL configuration in basic relay configuration
- [3299] SERVER Fixed Sieve bug in rules that specified altering the subject and redirecting at the same time
- [2810] SERVER Fixed incorrect message displayed by WebAdmin when a OLK user updates task progress
- [3283] SERVER Fixed parsing error in SSL section of SMTP filters
- [3072] SERVER Fixed contact sharing in scenario where 3 or more parties share a contact folder
- [3257] SERVER Fixed resource leak that caused stop failure after syncing certain ActiveSync items
- [3223] SERVER Fixed issue that caused an incorrect user count SNMP counter at the domain level
- [3253] SERVER Fixed server crash caused by certain TNEF encoded calendar events
- [3229] SERVER Avoid timeouts for processing jobs already in integrated filter queue
- [3256] SERVER Fixed possible FUSE memory leaks and speed up FUSE unmount
- [3249] SERVER Fixed leak scenario in WebMail
- [3247] SERVER Fixed leak scenario in WebAdmin filter editing
- [3246] SERVER Fixed leak scenario in WebMail
- [3183] WEBMAIL Fixed issue where headers containing long UTF8 lines where incorrectly wrapped resulting in SMTP interoperability problems
- [3223] SERVER Fixed issue with SNMP report that returned an incorrect number of users for the queried domain
- [3205] WEBMAIL Default to hiding deleted messages
- [3211] CLUSTER Do not signal password change if the new hashed value is unchanged when compared to the old one
- [3210] CLUSTER Fixed issue where email bounced between FE and BE if SMTP service was disabled for an account
- [3214] SERVER Fixed crash caused by ActiveSync bug triggered by calendar event with unset organizer
- [3232] SERVER Fixed a number of memory leaks
- [3203] SERVER Apply admin setting of enableCalAvailabilitySharing into MACL at configuration commit
- [3155] SERVER Use the correct attribute for reset command of calendar availability, editable contact info and auto migration
- [3147] Fix FreeBSD ECONNRESET close error fixed by aborting only in case of bad file descriptor error
- [3174] Fixes a crash at shutdown when closing the server soon after deleting many folders

Axigen Outlook Connector

- [b17549a] Change storage of synchronisation logs that caused Outlook PST files to grow out of control

Bug fixes
- [3345] Corrects VCALENDAR generation for some timezones west of London
- [3318] Corrects VCALENDAR generation for all day events.
- [e7f7d39] Wizard changes to allow installing in Win8.1 outside compatibility mode
- [3268] Fix incorrect VCALENDAR RRULE definition that caused some calendar events created by OLK to result in sync errors in iOS ActiveSync
- [3279] Fix incorrect VCALENDAR RRULE definition when timezone was set to certain zones that don't observe daylight savings time (e.g. Kuala Lumpur)