Version 2.0.5 Brings AXIGEN Users a Range of New Features

Category: Product Releases
Published on February 27, 2007

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of version 2.0.5 of the AXIGEN Mail Server. Version 2.0.5 comes with new features within several AXIGEN modules, such as SMTP, Processing and WebAdmin.

For details on the new features and enhancements of version 2.0.5, please see the list below:

1. New Features/Enhancements
== =========================

- Domain: The AXIGEN Mail Server waits for all domains to be loaded before
starting its services.
- SMTP: The value of a message header field can now contain a wider range of
characters, mainly those with codes higher than 128 ASCII.
- SMTP Policy: The 'currentFolderRcpt' variable can now contain an empty
- Processing: The logs pertaining to this service now contain more detailed
information in order to allow thorough and extensive debugging.
- Processing: The default values for scheduling parameters have been changed,
as follows: 'schedInterval' to 300 seconds and 'maxRetryCount' to 8.
- Migration: Migrated folder names can now contain square brackets-"[]".
- Migration: Information about migration results is now logged.
- Sendmail: To comply with current email sending standards, the sendmail
binary of AXIGEN replaces single LFs into CRLF pairs.
- WebAdmin: The "Quota" tab now displays the space occupied in a specific
moment by a user.

2. Main Issues Fixed
== =================

- IMAP: Fixed incorrect logging when the maximum number of authentication
failures was reached
- WebMail: For emails saved in the Sent folder, their attachments are also
saved and can now be accessed.
- WebMail: Errors that occurred when using the WebMail's Filters Wizard on IE7
have now been fixed.
- WebMail: Public folder message counters have been disabled.
- Storage: Incorrect listing of message IDs in a storage mbox has been fixed.
- Public Folders: Only the Postmaster can delete emails from a Public Folder.
- Processing: When upgrading to version 2.0, queue items created by AXIGEN 1.2
are now successfully loaded.
- SMTP: If only the local part of a username is provided when attempting to
authenticate (laura_white), the primary domain is automatically appended
(laura_white@primarydomain) to ensure a successful authentication.
- Storage: When an account is deleted, the messages it contains are also
- Storage: In order to ensure a successful storage migration, the welcome
message is written only in the first message location if multiple message
locations are created.
- SPF: Crashes occurring when the SPF module is parsing IPv6 entries have been
- POP3: When the POP service cannot read a message from storage it will
provide a message from MAILER-DAEMON stating the message could not be read,
instead of returning a generic protocol error.
- Processing: The internal processing watchdog is now set to bypass the
pthread_cond_timedwait() bug on certain kernels.
- Processing: The internal forwarder filter is now applied only once if a
message needs reprocessing