Axigen X3 (10.3.0) Release Notes

Axigen X3 adds 2-Step Verification, SSL certificates management, TLS 1.3 support, Calendar search, and many more benefits in terms of security and user experience. Here's the detailed change log, along with the info you need to know when upgrading.

Axigen Mail Server

AXI-1003 SERVER, WEBMAIL 2-Step Verification support
AXI-2439 INSTALLER New initial configuration flow (Web based)
AXI-NA02 ACTIVESYNC Support for ActiveSync 14.0
AXI-1325 WEBADMIN SSL Certificates management from a centralized repository
AXI-NA01 SERVER TLS 1.3 support
AXI-2214 CARDDAV Sync contacts from multiple folders
AXI-NA00 CARDDAV Support for directory gateway based on domain and public contacts

AXI-2399 WEBADMIN Support for deep linking
AXI-2350 WEBMAIL Extend the WebMail security policies (Content-Security-Policy, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, Strict-Transport-Security — HSTS)
AT-58 AXITNEF Improved Axigen TNEF Decoder
AXI-NA02 CALDAV Sync tasks from multiple folders
AXI-NA01 KAV Upgrade KAVSDK to the latest version
AXI-NA00 KAS Upgrade KASSDK to the latest version

AXI-2715 Removes Axigen TNEF Decoder restart button from Services Management list
AXI-2681 CARDDAV Do not advertise sync collection for the directory gateway collection (Android CardDAV sync)
AXI-2409 WEBMAIL Replace the "Empty Text" elements related to input fields with HTML5 placeholders
AXI-2143 SERVER Coalesce repeating log messages
AXI-NA05 SERVER Support for size advertised by remote server in SMTP sessions

AXI-2713 WEBADMIN Fix issue displaying the updated value of "Body ends with" in Delivery Status Notifications
AXI-2709 CARDAV Fix CardDAV error when synchronizing Axigen Contacts using sync collection (eM Client)
AXI-2682 WEBMAIL Fix visual behavior with scrollable container when adding a new Task
AXI-2584 ACTIVESYNC Fix issue with incorrect matches when looking up contacts over ActiveSync
AXI-2581 ACTIVESYNC Fix issue with monthly and yearly recurrent events incorrectly synchronized over ActiveSync
AXI-2288 ACTIVESYNC Synchronize reply and forwarded state over ActiveSync
AXI-2227 CALDAV Fix issue with calendar scheduling when an organiser defines an exception for a recurrent event.
AXI-1293 SERVER Preserve subscribed folders as part of the account's backup information
AXI-1104 SERVER Fix error processing templates starting with UTF-8 BOM
AXI-NA01 SERVER Fix issue with GSSAPI authentication in the IMAP service
AXI-NA00 SERVER Fix issue with default configuration of DNR client based on /etc/hosts

Outlook Connector

Will be available later.

Will be available later.

New Platforms & Clients Support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
CentOS 8
Oracle Linux 8
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1
Suse Linux Enterprise 15
Debian 10
Windows Server 2019
Windows 10

iOS 13 (Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Contacts apps)
Android 9 Pie (Gmail client, Calendar, and Contacts apps)

macOS Catalina (Calendar app)
iOS 13 (Calendar app)
Android 9 Pie (DAVx5 / OpenTasks)

macOS Catalina (Contacts app)
iOS 13 (Contacts app)
Android 9 Pie (DAVx5)

macOS Catalina (Notes app — via IMAP or ActiveSync)
iOS 13 (Notes app — via ActiveSync)

Included From 10.2.2.x Updates

AXI-2739 Fixes text appender not supporting base64 encoding
AXI-2769 Fixes an iOS ActiveSync sync failure caused by messages containing certain TNEF encoded events
AXI-2753 Fixes a compatibiity issue with macOS Catalina which renders CardDAV collections read only
AXI-2726 Fixes a potential crash cause (improper handling of certain malformed CardDAV requests)
AXI-2711 Improves interoperability with eM Client for IMAP access to public folders
AXI-2711 Fixes IMAP interoperability with eM Client for special folders (public and shared)
AXI-2708 Fixes calendar issues caused by iOS / macOS sending bad TZ definitions for Europe/Moscow
AXI-2707 Fixes a CalDAV folder move issue when the folder contains special characters
AXI-2701 Fixes a CalDAV error when creating events using Thunderbird
AXI-2699 Resets PARTSTAT RSVP when accepting invites using CalDAV
AXI-2683 Fixes a wrong sync key issue when creating, updating, or deleting folders via ActiveSync
AXI-2664 Fixes a potential crash scenario in the calendar component
AXI-2659 Fixes plus addressing trailing part stripped when relaying mail
AXI-2657 Fixes account auto-discovery with Thunderbird
AXI-2635 Fixes CalDAV error 500 when trying to accept an invite in a specific scenario (use the latest time-zone definition)
AXI-2632 Deletes the invite email from Inbox when accepting an invite via CalDAV
AXI-2631 Show the organizer's time zone instead of GMT in the invite emails
AXI-2630 Adds support for aliases in CalDAV
AXI-2621 Fixes SMTP-OUT reusing an already closed connection in a specific scenario
AXI-2616 Fixes a race condition in sort index builder
AXI-2605 Extends the HTTP tracer to allow debugging of the WA contact support form
AXI-2601 Fixed error in email delivery to recipient addresses where the user part ends in a "+" character
AXI-2592 Fixes the WebAdmin message storage size calculation for high values of storage size
AXI-2591 Allow controlling TNEF filter activation at domain level
AXI-2582 Fixes recipient addresses (To, Cc) not being displayed in WebMail in a specific case
AXI-2578 Fixes "Send / Receive Restrictions" in cluster configuration
AXI-2550 Changes the SPF parser to allow using "include" as a modifier label
AXI-2549 Adds diagnostic messages when SPF record parsing fails
AXI-2544 Fixes an incompatibility with when accepting a recurrent event that ends on a given date
AXI-2540 Fixes an issue resulting in Standard WebMail creating invalid messages in the storage
AXI-2538 Improves the automatic migration experience by migrating the Inbox items first
AXI-2537 Adds support for yearly by month recurrence rules when the day is not set
AXI-2524 Relaxes TZID parsing rules
AXI-2518 Adds a server configuration parameter that controls if the POP3 service opens mailboxes using exclusive access
AXI-2509 Start renewing LE certificates 25 days before expiry
AXI-2508 Fixes a potential crash cause in ActiveSync
AXI-2502 Fixes an FTP issue with applying incorrect ACLs when used by delegated admins
AXI-2495 Fixes errors when backing up using LFTP
AXI-2476 Fixes an issue with deleting accounts when using LDAP or AD
AXI-2471 Fixes an issue with Trash and Spam auto purge job failing to delete messages
AXI-2455 New CLI command allowing admins to enable / disabled the security log
AXI-2452 Fixes a memory leak when LDAP to Axigen sync is used
AXI-2440 Logs the replacement of the body by the AntiVirus engine (ACTION_SET_BODY)
AXI-2428 Allow delegated admins who have the manageDomainConfig permission to run the FINDINVALIDMSG CLI command
AXI-2408 Fixes the auto-restart of the WebMail services on Let's Encrypt certificate auto-renewal in specific scenarios
AXI-2306 Increases the maximum number of virtual hosts to 512.
AXI-2041 Allow delegated admins who have the manageDomainConfig permission to run the SYNCCONTACTS CLI command
AXI-1987 Improve storage resilience
AXI-NA20 Fixes a CalDAV issue that slowed down sync for calendar-query REPORTs
AXI-NA19 Fixes a scenario where a CalDAV client failed to sync folders with spaces in their names
AXI-NA18 Fixes a couple of scenarios causing leaks in CalDAV
AXI-NA17 Extends the "FINDINVALIDMSG" CLI command to allow it to run on individual folders
AXI-NA16 Update messages flags when changing sharing permissions
AXI-NA15 Fixes a scenario where token based synchronization (ActiveSync, CalDAV, Outlook Connector) might not properly work
AXI-NA14 Fixes a race condition leading to domain contacts build failure
AXI-NA13 Do not allow '*' in Let's Encrypt certificate names from CLI requests, as wildcard domain names are not supported
AXI-NA12 Removes volatile data mailboxes when purge all is requested
AXI-NA11 Notify IMAP connections when message flags are updated due to sharing permissions change
AXI-NA10 Fixes an invalid read
AXI-NA09 Fixes an illegal memory read when Axigen acts an SMTP smarthost
AXI-NA08 Fixes a deadlock on MAPI shutdown
AXI-NA07 Switch to Let's Encrypt API v2 (v1 is now deprecated)
AXI-NA06 Refresh the shared mailboxes tree when changing sharing permissions
AXI-NA05 Fixes a temporary synchronization error when using two way LDAP sync
AXI-NA04 Fixes a potential leak scenario
AXI-NA03 Updates country filtering (GeoIP) to use the new MaxMind database format (mmdb) instead of the legacy one. If you're using country filtering, please upload the new mmdb database after upgrading to this version.
AXI-NA02 Small cURL (HTTP) requests enhancements for slower network
AXI-NA01 Fixes Let's Encrypt revoke URL initialization
AXI-NA00 Fixes improper use of case sensitive logins when alias login is disabled

AXI-2555 Allow administrative users with the manageDomainConfig permission to view the Summary info in the Dashboard
AXI-2554 Allow administrative users with the manageDomainConfig permission to upload license keys
AXI-2507 Fixes a greyed out message posting mailing list parameter
AXI-2501 Fixes account search results selection when searching for accounts with local parts containing the "&" character
AXI-2479 Fixes an issue resulting in reversed account rule order in specific scenarios
AXI-2479 Shows a success message after new support incident creation
AXI-2461 Fix broken menu layout in pages having the help higher than the left menu and the content part of the page
AXI-2402 Fixes non-working domain filter for delegated admins with full public folder rights
AXI-NA06 Fixes a user / group search issue in the public folder permissions tab
AXI-NA05 Fixes permission set mismatch between WebAdmin and WebMail when saving permissions on a folder in certain scenarios
AXI-NA04 Fixes incorrect save for default viewer permission for a public folder
AXI-NA03 Fixes a visual issue in the "License applied" context
AXI-NA02 Fixes a left menu height calculation issue which appeared starting with one of the Chrome 76 updates
AXI-NA01 Corrects a wrong label in Mailing list → Subscription and Posting → Message headers when editing an existing header
AXI-NA00 Changes the name of the TNEF service to Axigen TNEF Decoder

AXI-2680 Fixes the date timestamp transformation method for Persian Calendar dates
AXI-2679 Extend the contacts search to include additional fields (home email, business email, mobile phone, home phone, business phone)
AXI-2667 Improves the Public Folder Recipients options UX (use a tooltip for the add operation, show the Kaspersky and IA filtering options only if the respective filter is active, correct saving issues)
AXI-2661 Fixes calendar event iTip not showing new lines if the description is plain text
AXI-2660 Fixes calendar dialog asking for "discard confirmation" even when no change was made
AXI-2646 Fixes an HTTP headers issue causing non-working re-login (session expiry) page and UTF-8 characters display issues
AXI-2638 Fix advanced search disappearing when selecting a combo option
AXI-2627 Fixes non-working folder drag-and-drop
AXI-2600 Hide the options to create a new event, task, or note from an email for users without the "Personal Organizer" add-on
AXI-2596 Allows sharing to "All users" (in a domain) through the auto-complete drop-down; include "All Users" in the sharing search results
AXI-2595 Calendar (All Views): Fixes broken inline editing for all day events
AXI-2589 Calendar (Views: Day, Week): Recalculates event position when resizing by dragging from the top / bottom
AXI-2588 Fixes the new event composer not opening in a specific scenario
AXI-2587 Calendar (Views: Day, Week): Fixes today marker not being displayed on the proper calendar interval
AXI-2585 Calendar (Views: Day, Week): Fixes event resize via drag for new / existing events
AXI-2583 Eliminates the discard confirmation for new calendar events when no edit was made
AXI-2579 Prevents potential clickjacking by adding the X-Frame-Options HTTP header
AXI-2563 Folder tree, Folder grid: Improves the folder selection visibility
AXI-2562 Calendar (Views): Create a new event (placeholder) when dragging and dropping in the same cell on white space
AXI-2561 Calendar (Views): Renders the events width a little shorter than the cell width to allow the creation of multiple events on the same time slot
AXI-2553 Decreases the delivery waiting time for new emails
AXI-2551 Calendar (Month view): Fixes creating / rendering multi-day events on the last line, the last (right-most) two columns
AXI-2546 Composer (email): Move the focus back from body to Subject and upwards via keys (Shift + Tab) on Chrome, IE, and Edge
AXI-2543 Temporary hot fix for the infinite loop appearing when opening the Setting dialog
AXI-2543 Normalizes DST offsets between now and target dates
AXI-2543 Calendar (Month view): Fixes wrong display for some multi-day events in specific cases
AXI-2534 Mail Item: Also show the Bcc recipient(s) in Sent
AXI-2533 Fixes the tooltip generation logic for multi-day events
AXI-2528 Composer (email): Fixes tab key behavior between Subject and body fields on Firefox
AXI-2522 Composer (calendar, tasks, notes, contacts): Group the folders in the folder selector by ownership type
AXI-2521 Composer (calendar, tasks, notes): Fixes static folder selector position on window resize
AXI-2520 Fixes unwanted move / copy operation on back or refresh after a previous such operation
AXI-2511 Fixes validation of email addresses with local parts containing the "#" character
AXI-2500 Introduces 3 more calendar colors in WebMail; displays the calendar colors in the edit event dialog
AXI-2492 Fixes incorrect open of body link in multiple tabs in specific scenarios
AXI-2491 Fixes an issue displaying iTip date one month later than the real date in a specific scenario
AXI-2490 Mobile WebMail: Fixes erroneous notification when refreshing the page after a message deletion
AXI-2489 Mobile WebMail: Fixes erroneous message deletion when tapping back
AXI-2447 Mail list: Fixes the blank screens sometimes showing up when scrolling down in folders with many emails
AXI-2447 Fixes a scenario resulting in a blank emails list after scrolling down a big number of emails
AXI-2446 Fixes slow address book scroll on IE11 when the address book has a high number of contacts
AXI-2330 Fixes incomplete save to Drafts when using plain text format
AXI-NA04 Fall back the login page and the non-javascript page (seen by search engine bots) to English if language detection fails
AXI-NA03 Changes the Dutch translation for "Inbox" from "Postvak In" to "Postvak IN" for Outlook compatibility
AXI-NA02 Adds Bulgarian language support
AXI-NA01 Fixes incorrect owner display name in the folder permissions window in certain scenarios
AXI-NA00 Fixes incorrect behavior when clicking on a custom permission combo inside permission window


Additional Notes & Upgrade Information

  • The OpenSSL version in Axigen X2 Update 2 (10.2.2) has an end-of-life at the end of 2019. We highly recommend upgrading to Axigen X3, which includes a new OpenSSL version.
  • Starting with Axigen X3, Image Analyzer will no longer be available.
  • The Kaspersky AntiSpam engine has been completely re-written and the configuration option set is also new. Please review the "Security & Filtering → AntiVirus & AntiSpam → Kaspersky AntiSpam" section in WebAdmin for details
  • The folder structure on the disk for the Kaspersky AV and Kaspersky AS components was redesigned

Known Issues

  • The Kaspersky AV/AS update process does not display the progress percent; it will only display "0% (update in progress)" and "Success" or "Failed"
  • The initial Kaspersky AV/AS update might take a considerable time (many minutes, up to half an hour in some cases) to complete; subsequent updates will run much faster
  • On Windows, KAS license information is not displayed in the WebAdmin GUI; it is available in the kasserver log (efilters/kaslog.txt)