Axigen X3 Update 1 (10.3.1) Release Notes


  • AV / AS: Upgrades Cyren to the newest version, which adds support for new archive formats (RAR5, ISO, CAB) (AXI-NA00)
  • Improve auth performance on specific virtual machines by eliminating dependency on /dev/random (AXI-NA01)
  • 2-Step Verification: Use the branding name for display as TOTP issuer in the 2-Step Verification applications (AXI-NA02)
  • Fixes an issue when restoring waFilter via FTP/FUSE for groups (AXI-2702)
  • Send the out-of-office and password recovery emails as system messages to prevent auth mismatch discards (AXI-2705)
  • Fixes an issue when importing contacts with both home and business email address via CLI (AXI-2793)
  • Fixes excessive calendar index logging under the "info" log level (AXI-2797)
  • Fixes an ActiveSync interoperability issue with Gmail on Android caused by incorrect search responses for queries returning more than 10 results (AXI-2810)
  • Allow sysadmins to downgrade the advertised ActiveSync version to 12.1, as a workaround for an interoperability issue with Samsung email app on Android which is unable to download attachments; this issue was actually fixed by Samsung in the newer APK versions (AXI-2824)
  • Calendar: Adds support for monthly RRULEs with default day of month (AXI-2832)
  • Replace alias address with primary address when processing incoming CalDAV requests (AXI-2846)
  • Fixes calendar search index aborting when trying to remove inexistent directories on Windows (AXI-2847)
  • Define EMAIL property for group VCARDs (AXI-2854)
  • Fix crash caused by updating certain Notes via ActiveSync (AXI-2857)
  • Have SMTP-IN log the id of a newly created queue item (AXI-2858)
  • CalDAV: Fix RSVP=TRUE wrongly added when accepting events (AXI-2860)



  • Improves the certificate upload process to check if the provided certificate and private key match (AXI-2747)
  • Fixes non-working product updates, notifications, and new license available API results parsing (AXI-2818)
  • Fixes non-working list sorting (AXI-2828)



  • Removes the mini calendar default tooltip texts for next, prev, and month / year navigation (AXI-NA00)
  • Small corrections on the Bulgarian dictionary (AXI-NA01)
  • Ensure that Content-Type is always added to text/plain bodies (AXI-2691)
  • Standard WebMail: Fixes Content-Security-Policy exceptions thrown by the mail move, delete, and print actions (AXI-2802)



  • Fixes synchronization of removed folders (AXI-NA00)
  • Improves Outlook search folders performance (AXI-NA01)
  • Fixes the text body for messages containing special emoticons (AXI-NA02)
  • Restart synchronization in case of connection failures (AXI-2486)
  • Fixes address multiplication in calendar invites (AXI-2525)
  • Fixes sending issues to recipients loaded from the Outlook recipient history (AXI-2650)
  • Do not display connection error window when disconnected from the server; this allows automatic recovery when connection is re-established; the error notification will only be displayed in Systray (AXI-2700)
  • Fixes sending issues in case of multiple recipients (more than 10) (AXI-2725)
  • Prevents illegal deletion of messages during synchronization (AXI-2750)



  • Axigen TNEF Decoder: Fixes for correctly displaying the decoded messages in Outlook (AT-61)



Additional Notes & Upgrade Information

Here you can find instructions on how to upgrade from Axigen X3 to Axigen X3 Update 1

Known Issues

In some rare cases, Kaspersky filters won't start after upgrading from X3.