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Jul 04, 2023

What's new in Axigen X5: Cyren vs Bitdefender

We’re dedicated to guaranteeing our customers access to top-notch security tools. Hence, we have incorporated the premium security layer of Bitdefender AntiMalware & AntiSpam into our mail server software solution.


Cyren vs. Bitdefender: Keeping Up the Standards for Security

We only want to offer our customers premium security. So when the time to make a change came, we chose an award-winning solution that could help us raise the bar. 

Bitdefender AntiSpam

Bitdefender AntiSpam uses a combination of advanced antispam filtering and predictive technologies to effectively identify spam messages in any language. It reduces false positives and safeguards against phishing attacks and malicious links found in email attachments. 

It’s also the sole antispam solution to attain VBSpam certification in all 59 Virus Bulletin spam tests conducted to date. In the most recent 22 consecutive VBSpam tests, Bitdefender achieved an outstanding average spam detection rate exceeding 99.9%, with zero instances of false positives.

Bitdefender AntiMalware

Bitdefender AntiMalware uses a diverse range of technologies and detection techniques to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance in identifying known and unknown threats, particularly those that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. Its core engine incorporates various components and cutting-edge technologies such as file format analyzers and parsers, un-archivers and archivers, executable unpackers, emulation, heuristics-based detection, generic detection, signature-based detection, machine-learning algorithms, and cloud-based detection. These comprehensive elements work synergistically to provide robust protection against malware.

Find out more about how Bitdefender works here.

How to Protect Your Mail Server with an Outstanding Security Solution

Just like the previous Axigen versions that came with a Cyren security add-on, Axigen X5 comes with a Bitdefender security add-on. So if you choose to upgrade to the latest version, you will automatically switch from Cyren to Bitdefender for no additional cost. More details on how you can upgrade to Axigen X5 here.

However, you can also use the Bitdefender add-on on your existing Axigen version. Check out our store to get it.