How to Upgrade to Axigen X5

The following article shows the steps to upgrade your Axigen Mail Server to version X5 (10.5.x).



Note: In order to upgrade to Axigen X5, you need to have valid software maintenance.

How to Upgrade to Axigen X5 If You DON’T Have an Active Cyren AntiVirus / AntiSpam License

Upgrading to Axigen X5 on Linux or Windows

  1. Download the corresponding package from our downloads section

  2. Stop the Axigen service

  3. Create a backup of the Axigen working directory. For info on how to do that, visit our knowledge base

    Note: If needed, here’s more info on the Axigen working directory restoring process

  4. Please note that the downloaded Axigen X5 package is an installer. Run the installer and follow the on-screen installer instructions to complete the upgrade process.
    • On Linux (RPM based distros): dnf install <path>/axigen....x86_64.rpm
    • On Linux (DEB based distros): apt install <path>/axigen....x86_64.deb
    • On Windows: run the Axigen msi.
  5. Start the Axigen service.

Upgrading to Axigen X5 on Docker

Upgrading to Axigen X5 on Docker can be done following a few simple steps:

  • Stop the Axigen container: docker stop <container_id>
  • Create a backup of the Axigen working directory
  • Remove the Axigen container: docker rm <container_id>
  • Create a new Axigen instance:
# docker run --pull=always --name=axigen -dt -v <volume>:/axigen/var -p 443:443 -p 9443:9443 -p 993:993 -p 995:995 -p 25:25 -p 465:465 -p 9000:9000 -p 7000:7000 axigen/axigen

Learn more about deploying and running Axigen in Docker here

Upgrading to Axigen X5 from X3 (10.3.x) or X4 (10.4.x) If You Have an Active Cyren AntiVirus / AntiSpam

Users with an active Cyren service will receive a new license key via email for upgrading to X5. Follow the steps in the section above first and then apply the new license key.

This license key needs to be applied after the upgrade (after Axigen X5 starts for the first time) and will automatically enable and configure Bitdefender instead of Cyren.

Upgrading to Axigen X5 from X3 (10.3.x) or X4 (10.4.x) If You Have an Active Bitdefender AntiVirus / AntiSpam

If you have previously manually replaced Cyren with Bitdefender on your existing Axigen version before upgrading to X5, you need to perform some additional steps:

  1. Pre-requisites:

    You will need the new Axigen 10.5 license (with Bitdefender) that you’ve received via email

  2. Maintenance window

    1. Disable the BD User External type filter:

      From WebAdmin → Security & Filtering → Antivirus & Antispam → Supported Applications → Disable the BD filter

    2. Stop Axigen

    3. Back up the following files:

      • axigen.cfg (from the run folder)

      • bd.afsl (from the filters or afsl folder, depending if you are upgrading from 10.3 or from 10.4)

    4. Stop and disable the external Bitdefender service:

      • On Linux (as root):

        systemctl stop bitdefender
        systemctl disable bitdefender
      • On Windows (as Administrator):

        sc stop bitdefender
        sc delete bitdefender
    5. Upgrade Axigen to 10.5 (follow the steps described in the first section of this article)

      Note: If any changes were previously made to the bd.afsl file (like choosing to prepend the email subject with [VIRUS] instead of replacing the entire message body when a virus is detected), redo those changes on the bd.afsl file installed by 10.5 into the afsl folder.

    6. Start Axigen

    7. Install the new Axigen license (that includes Bitdefender), from WebAdmin → Global Settings → License Information.

Additional Notes 

  • Remember to back up your service before upgrading. We recommend performing a full Axigen backup of your current version.
  • Cyren End of Life. Starting with X5 (10.5.0), Cyren AntiVirus and Cyren AntiSpam are no longer available.