How to Restore a Backup of the Working Directory

This article describes how to restore a previously saved backup of the Axigen working directory.


This article assumes you have a backup saved using the instructions provided in the How to back up Axigen without the FTP service KB article.

The Axigen working directory path <path_to_work_dir> depends on your operating system:

  • /var/opt/axigen — for Linux systems
  • C:\Program Files\Axigen Mail Server — for Windows systems

To restore the backed up information, use the following procedure:

  1. Extract (if applicable) the backup contents
  2. Stop the Axigen service
  3. Remove the contents of the current Axigen working directory or move it to a different location
  4. Copy the backup information to the Axigen working directory
  5. (Linux only) Run the following command as root: chown -R axigen:axigen <path_to_work_dir>
  6. Start the Axigen service up again.
OS: LinuxWindows