HSP Overview

Axigen Documentation

Axigen uses its own HTTP server and the proprietary server-side scripting HSP language, so that the content, functionality and look of web-based modules can be easily controlled, managed and expanded.

WebMail and WebAdmin are expansion-ready modules – this means that you can rebuild them, or merely add functionalities or graphic elements that you may need, by using HSP.

WebMail and WebAdmin content is stored in .hsp type files on the machine where Axigen was installed. The files for each module are stored at the location indicated by the corresponding ‘path’ parameter, found in the WebMail and WebAdmin contexts from the Axigen configuration file (axigen.cfg). This parameter can also be edited using other Axigen Administration tools (CLI and WebAdmin). This diagram illustrates a typical Request-Response process involving the Axigen HTTP Server interacting with HSP.

The HSP delimiters are "<%" and "%>", and you can use HSP syntax only between these separators.