What Information to Collect for the Technical Support Team If an Axigen Server Exits Abnormally or Crashes on a Linux System

This article describes what information to collect if an Axigen server exits abnormally or crashes on a Linux system


The following information should be collected for the support team:

  • the name and version of the Linux distribution installed on the Axigen server
  • the output of the commands:

    ps aux | grep axigen
    /opt/axigen/bin/axigen --version

  • the Axigen configuration file, available by default at:/var/opt/axigen/run/axigen.cfg

  • an archive containing the system mail log, available at: /var/log/maillog or mail.log or mail

  • the following file as attachment:

    • for RPM based distributions: /etc/sysconfig/axigen

    • for DEB based distributions: /etc/default/axigen

  • if possible, please connect to the Axigen CLI interface and generate the supportInfo archive using the steps below:

1. Log into the CLI using the telnet application:

telnet 7000

2. Enter the administrative username:

<login> user admin

3. Enter the password for the Axigen admin user:

<password> your_admin_password

4. Run the command:

<#> SAVE supportInfo

By default, the archive is saved in the Axigen working directory: /var/opt/axigen/supportInfo.zip

OS: Linux
Distros: DEB based distros amd64RPM based distros x64