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Axigen 10.x

What Information to Collect for the Technical Support Team If an Axigen Server Exits Abnormally or Crashes on a Linux System

Oct 22, 2019  •  1 min. read

This article describes what information to collect if an Axigen server exits abnormally or crashes on a Linux system

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Axigen 7.x - 8.x

How to Browse the Virtual Filesystem Mount under Linux

Dec 4, 2009  •  1 min. read

How to access the mount point from a Linux environment

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How to Mount the Axigen Storage in a Virtual File System on a Linux Platform

Dec 4, 2009  •  2 min. read

How to make the Axigen storage available for read (backup) and write (restore) operations as a part in a file-system of the machine Axigen is running on.

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Axigen 6.x - 8.x

How to Backup a Domain Using FileZilla

Jun 29, 2008  •  2 min. read

This article shows how to use FileZilla (free FTP client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) in order to backup a domain.

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