Axigen 8.0.2 Is Now Available

Category: Product Releases
Published on May 29, 2012

We are happy to announce the release of Axigen 8.0.2. GECAD Technologies has continuously maintained and enhanced Axigen email solution so that our customers can deploy an efficient platform for production.

The Axigen 8.0.2 introduces a new set of administration enhancements related to the domain management and the auto-migration process. It also comes with an improved support of the ActiveSync service for the latest Android versions and with a lot of server and Ajax-Webmail bug-fixes meant to further increase robustness of our messaging solution. Along with this release we update some of the supported platforms to the newest versions and we continue to expand the list of 64-bit operating systems that we support.

To see all that's changed in 8.0.2, please read the Product Release or the Release History.

Should you like further details on what Axigen plans to include in our solution please see our Upcoming features area.

For further details on the new 8.0.2 version, please get in touch with us or contact an Axigen local partner.

Axigen Mail Server 8.0.2

-- The command 'SHOW registryInformation' run for a public folder additionally displays the size and count of messages in that public folder
-- The command 'PURGEMAPIPROPS' has been added to allow purging of the MAPI proprieties associated with the messages in a folder of a specified account
-- The command 'FINDINVALIDMSG' has been added to display the internal email ID of the corrupted email messages
-- The existing command 'RECOVER domain' has been enhanced to allow recovering of the account names from a domain when only valid Message Storage Units are available for that domain

-- A configurable template-based notification message can be sent to specified addresses in case the quota is exceeded by a user

-- A new limitation is introduced in the Account Limits section to enforce the number of recipients to which a user sends messages in a certain period of time; email addresses for which this limitation is not enforced can also be defined
-- The maximum number of email messages contained in a folder has been increased from 1 million to 10 million
-- The maximum number of email messages contained in an account's mailbox has been increased from 2 million to 100 million

-- Attempt to create Premium Accounts is first made during the migration process
-- A new option to avoid repeated migration of accounts is introduced
-- A new parameter "maxMigrationThreads" is introduced to control the number of parallel migration sessions
-- A new option is introduced such that migrating accounts can be authenticated without specifying domain name
-- Auto-migration supports SSL/TLS available on a remote IMAP service

-- The 'libfuse' library bundled with the server and used by the Backup and Restore Service has been updated to version 2.8.6

-- multiple file upload used for attaching files has been implemented based on HTML5 FileAPI

Supported Platforms Updates
-- support introduced for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 on i386 and amd64 architectures
-- support discontinued for RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
-- support introduced for CentOS 6 on i386 and amd64 architectures
-- support discontinued for CentOS 4
-- support introduced for Debian 6 on i386 and amd64 architectures
-- support introduced for Ubuntu Server 12.04 on i386 and amd64 architectures
-- support discontinued for Ubuntu Server 8.04

-- Mozilla Firefox 11, Google Chrome 17 and Internet Explorer 9 are supported

-- Devices with Android 2.4.x and 4.0.x are supported

Integrations with Other Products
IM-SERVICE: integration with OpenFire IM server using OpenLdap

Bugfixes from previous version
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: In Internet Explorer 8 certain email message causes messages in the containing folder to become invisible
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: In certain conditions Out-of-Office auto-responder message is not displayed
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Certain email addresses containing Chinese characters and brackets are not displayed
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Messages in Trash folder are not omitted from a search result
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Some UI buttons in the Settings section are not visible in Firefox 10
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Some calendaring UI sections are displayed in case of Basic Accounts, when they should not appear
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Incorrect behaviour when setting the language to Czech and then editing a calendar event
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Events created after 03/26/12 are displayed 1 day earlier in month view
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Certain email messages in INBOX are not displayed
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: High load occurs when parsing specific emails
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: In the Out of Office section, the modification of the end date from Internet Explorer 8 incorrectly changes the start date
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: JS error in Internet Explorer 8 when closing (Cancel) the availability window
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Events with attendees created in other than default Calendar folder are not sending invites
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Redirecting links from specific emails not working
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: Filtered email challenge message displayed incorrectly
- CALENDAR: Free-Busy status can not be checked using accounts and domains aliases
- CALENDAR: Crash caused by accessing a certain event
- ACTIVESYNC: Crash in service run in certain conditions
- ACTIVESYNC: After synchronization of a contact, Home Phone field is not displayed in Webmail
- ACTIVESYNC: On certain Samsung Android devices email message source instead of email message
- ACTIVESYNC: Replied emails (via ActiveSync) will not display the body of the original email in WebMail
- ACTIVESYNC: Certain events created through ActiveSync are not visible in Webmail
- ACTIVESYNC: Emails are not deleted from certain mobile devices
- WEBADMIN: Webmail Options of a mailing list can not be updated
- WEBADMIN: The no. of days until password expiration can not be set at account level
- WEBADMIN: Email address can not be bound to a public folder
- WEBADMIN: Some custom headers are not properly displayed in the section 'Incoming message rules'
- WEBADMIN: Path double escaping has been removed
- WEBMAIL-PROXY: Incorrect authentication performed when primary domain set to none
- SYSTEM-MESSAGES: Templates directory misses on Windows server installation
- LDAP-SYNC: The ldapmodify operation fails after the command 'RESET ldapAssociation' is issued in A2L case
- RPOP: Correct sort by date for the email clients that are sorting by internal date
- SERVER: Account lock while cleaning search folders at logout
- SERVER: No error when the KAS database is up to date
- SERVER: Accounts are not able to login using certain passwords
- SERVER: Emails that are exceed the scan limit size are automatically marked as spam
- SERVER: Crash in certain conditions when parsing uploaded sieve
- SERVER: Crash in certain conditions when processing message
- SERVER: Crash in certain situations of using groups
- SERVER: SNMP traps not working properly
- SERVER: Log rotate daily and weekly is setting the wrong value in config
- SERVER: Crash when parsing a certain iTip object
- SERVER: Message header folding issue
- SERVER: Message sending restrictions were not applied for User Based Routing
- CONFIG: Config wizard looking for terminfo in multiple locations in Linux (debian based)
- CLI-API: Administrative user/group starting with a digit cannot be updated