Axigen 8.0.3 Is Now Available

Category: Product Releases
Published on July 11, 2012

We are happy to announce the release of Axigen 8.0.3. GECAD Technologies has continuously maintained and improved the Axigen email solution so that our customers can deploy an efficient platform for production.

The Axigen 8.0.3 version improves the overall user experience by fixing a few important issues related to access of end-users to their mailboxes and account content.

Should you like further details on what Axigen plans to include in our solution please see our Upcoming features area.

For further details on the new 8.0.3 version, please get in touch with us or contact an Axigen local partner.

Axigen Mail Server 8.0.3

-- Flush of disk pending I/O data when a SIGSEGV signal is received by the server process

Bugfixes from previous version
- DOMAINS: Account passwords defined in older versions (prior to 6.2) are not recognized and usable
- DOMAINS: Crash occurs in certain situations when a mailbox is accessed concurrently
- PROCESSING: Blocked message processing flow in certain conditions
- WEBMAIL: Crash occurs when a user accesses a certain email message through Webmail service
- ACTIVE-SYNC: Invalid message delete notifications received by a client in certain situations
- ACTIVE-SYNC: When a new client profile is created, inconsistent email message retrieval may occur in certain conditions
- ACTIVE-SYNC: Inconsistent contact synchronization caused by a contact with a certain format
- RPOP: Crash occurs in certain conditions when a RPOP connection is established while server is shutting down
- ADMINISTRATION: Some inconsistencies between the default and the maximum values of certain Quotas and Restrictions parameters
- LDAP-SYNC: Some account Send/Receive Restrictions are not synchronized with OpenLDAP
- AJAX-WEBMAIL: The email messages in a folder become invisible on IE8/IE9 when the folder contains a message with a certain content