Service Provider GoLive Assistance

Highly personalized expert guidance for particular projects, such as solution design, implementation, or migration.

What's Included

Email & phone assistance for installation, migration, configuration, troubleshooting, AntiVirus / AntiSpam integration, custom feature request assessment.

Depending on the project, services may also include additional special operations, such as first back-up, first installation, pilot design, pilot installation, pilot project report, system planning & preventive fallback service, operation audit.

Project based support for implementation containing:

Email support 3 hours maximum response time
Telephone support Dedicated hotline available
On-site support From Axigen engineers
On-site support From Axigen engineers
24 x 7 x 365 availability Round the clock assistance
Web support Online product documentation & more
Supplied by: Level 2 Support Engineers TAM (Technical Account Manager) assigned
Pricing: Contact us

To all the features and benefits of Axigen, add their technical support service: they are available 24 x 7 x 365 and anytime we have an issue, or a question, they are very responsive. When we came aboard, we had a lot of unique requirements and they satisfied those just for us. When we moved to Axigen, or we found a bug, they catered to our needs. I think support is among the top reasons for recommending Axigen.

Shari McMillan-Strack
SchoolCenter, USA

Email support

The email technical support is available 24 x 7 x 365, by using a priority support address. Simply write us an email & our experts will promptly answer your technical inquiries on Axigen. It also includes free subscription to the Axigen Newsletter, containing security alerts, advisories & other useful pieces of advice, as well as information regarding upcoming versions, tips & insights on the Axigen products.

Telephone support

Technical Support is provided for calls initiated by the customer on a telephone number which is available for the Premium support level.

Web support

The Web support is permanently available on our website for all Axigen customers & includes access to the following online resources:

  1. Online Documentation
  2. New releases (patches & new commercial versions) of Axigen products
  3. Axigen Knowledge Base
  4. Product documentation (Release Notes, User Guides, the Axigen Blog, etc.)
  5. Axigen Community

Pilot platform

The Axigen team will assist the customer in assessing the requirements, planning, and implementing a pilot messaging platform. The pilot is intended to be a close replica of the future production system; it will go through a series of functionality, performance, and reliability run-tests. The goal is to obtain an adequate solution that fits the customer-specific requirements and to identify and overcome potential problems before the actual production stage.

During the pilot stage, information that is gathered and analyzed will constitute the foundation for a subsequent assessment report, delivered to the customer at the completion of the pilot phase. This report contains information ranging from system performance and security aspects to implementation guidelines and risk assessment.

Implementation & deployment

A joint customer / Axigen technical team draws-up the specifications of the future messaging platform. Based on these specifications, the solution is implemented, tested, and tuned. Finally, the Axigen team assists the customer in moving the newly implemented platform to production and subsequently monitoring it. Further on, any incidents will be handled by the Axigen support team, as part of a support contract.

Custom feature request assessment

This refers to situations in which customers may need and request a certain feature to be developed for their specific usage / configuration / network case. In such situations, the Axigen experts will ask for all needed information in order to fully analyze the request and will notify the customer on the time frame in which they will receive relevant feedback.

Based on the provided information, we will assess the necessity of such a feature, the security aspects of the proposed concept, and the redundancy of the proposal in the existing Axigen development roadmap. As a result of the previously described assessment, the Axigen team will provide a final positive / negative feedback containing detailed explanations, estimated release deadline, additional recommendations, if any, plus emergency development fee (optional).


Support expiration — Axigen customers are eligible for technical support provided that they have a valid Software Maintenance & Technical Support subscription. If the Maintenance & Technical Support subscription renewal is not ordered before the current subscription's expiration, the missing months have to be purchased on renewal. Maintenance & technical support fees are based on updated list prices, as valid in the moment of purchase.