Service Provider Premium Support

Priority phone & email support from Axigen's experienced engineers, perfectly suited to SPs with complex messaging requirements.

What's Included Assistance for installation, migration, configuration, troubleshooting, AntiVirus / AntiSpam integration

24 x 7 x 365 availability Get help round the clock
Email support 6 hours maximum response time
Telephone support Dedicated hotline available
Remote interventions Pre-planned*, 3 per year
Software Maintenance Access to new version upgrades
Web support Online product documentation & more
Supplied by: Level 1 & Level 2 Support Engineers
Price / Year: Contact us

Axigen runs 24x7 without fault and if you need configuration help their tech support is 24x7. This means we've reduced our man hours to support our hosted email platform by around 90%.

David Banes
Cleartext Systems, Australia

Email support

The email technical support is available 24 x 7 x 365, by using a priority support address. Simply write us an email & our experts will promptly answer your technical inquiries on Axigen. It also includes free subscription to the Axigen Newsletter, containing security alerts, advisories & other useful pieces of advice, as well as information regarding upcoming versions, tips & insights on the Axigen products.

Telephone support

Technical Support is provided for calls initiated by the customer on a telephone number which is available for the Premium support level.

Web support

The Web support is permanently available on our website for all Axigen customers & includes access to the following online resources:

  1. Online Documentation
  2. New releases (patches & new commercial versions) of Axigen products
  3. Axigen Knowledge Base
  4. Product documentation (Release Notes, User Guides, White Papers, etc.)
  5. Axigen Community

*) Typical interventions cover investigations that require access to your platform, certain reconfigurations, AntiVirus / AntiSpam integrations, etc. and should be planned at least 3 days in advance by contacting our support channel. These types of interventions are not meant for crisis situations. If you require a proactive support level with on-the-spot interventions and SLA based services, please contact us and we will provide a custom managed services agreement.

Confidentiality — If, while benefiting from technical support or assistance, Axigen customers send information such as configuration, architecture, logs, or other information to the support team, these details will be treated as private and confidential and will only be used to identify and solve the reported problems.

Support expiration — Axigen customers are eligible for technical support provided that they have a valid Software Maintenance & Technical Support subscription. If the Maintenance & Technical Support subscription renewal is not ordered before the current subscription's expiration, the missing months have to be purchased on renewal. Maintenance & technical support fees are based on updated list prices, as valid in the moment of purchase.