Axigen & OpenLDAP (with dynamic configuration) Integration

Axigen Documentation

The integration between the Axigen mail server and the OpenLDAP software package and service is rather straight-forward in the sense that only some initial configuration is involved for the latter solution with the rest of the details being synced from the mail server database automatically. To set up the LDAP service appropriately, you must first make sure the version you are running is compatible with Axigen. You need to be using a LDAP version newer than 2.4. If you are not running a correct version you have to upgrade your LDAP server before attempting to run the sync. It is important to run the latest version of LDAP to make sure the integration is performed as smoothly as possible.

The sync process in OpenLDAP can generate a lot of stress for the application. The LDAP protocol and database structure was created and optimized for few writes and many reads and therefore can generate problems with performance in case a flood of updates (syncs) takes place.

OpenLDAP 2.3 and later have transitioned to using a dynamic runtime configuration engine.

This document is for OpenLDAP OnlineConfig and was tested using:

  • OpenLDAP version: 2.4

  • Axigen Version 8.2+

  • CentOS Version: 7.x

Please check this document for information relevant to obsolete OpenLDAP static configuration.

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