Axigen Documentation

1. Begin the Online Configuration. Generate the encrypted password of your choosing:

2. Create a temporary DIF file:

You will have to replace the value of the olcRootPW field with the result of the slappasswd to which you gave the input the password of your choosing.

3. Apply the password change on the cn=config database:

4. Now create the LDIF files for installing the memberof and syncprov overlays:

5. Install the two overlays:

6. Check which schemas you already have installed in your openLDAP server:

This means that this server has only 1 schema already installed and that is core. If you would attempt to install the core schema, you would get an error similar with:

7. Now continue and install the cosine, inetorgperson and misc schemas:

8. Check again which schemas you have configured in your LDAP server:

9. Download and extract the Axigen LDIF schema axigen.ldif from the archive present in the additional modules section of the Axigen website.
Install the axigen.ldif schema and check again the list of schemas in your server.

At the end of the Configuration stage, you have a correctly configured OpenLDAP server but no domain database to store your domain users and groups! Also see the Configure domain database to store domain users and groups section.