How to Perform an Upgrade of the Axigen Mail Server on a Windows Platform

Upgrade procedure for Axigen Windows version.


In order to perform an upgrade on a Windows platform, please follow these steps:

1) Stop the Axigen service via the Services Management console. This can be accessed via Start -> Run -> Type: services.msc in the Run field.

2) Back-up the Axigen working directory using the suggestions in our related knowledgebase article:

NOTE: for a restoring process of Axigen consult our article at:

3) Run the setup for the new Axigen Mail Server package you downloaded. You can download the latest Axigen Windows version from our related section:

NOTE: Do NOT run the Axigen Configuration Wizard at the end of the Axigen setup.

4) After running the new Axigen Mail Server version setup make sure the Axigen service is stopped.

5) Start the Axigen service.
OS: Windows
Distros: Windows